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A True Fight for Freedom

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A True Fight for Freedom

        It was the 15th century and war was raging between British and American troops. In a small, war torn, town called Rustboro City, there lived a boy named John. John’s father, Arnold, was a General in the American army and was a great man. John’s mother had died when he was a little kid. Now John’s father was home, but in an injured state, on the verge of death.  

        “Why do you do this, papa?” asked little John, who was in shock to see his father in such a wounded condition.

        “John, my boy, a true man’s honor is only earned through the devotion to his people, his country, and his freedom. Without this commitment one would just be a cowardly soul trapped in a frail body. John, you must take up my honor and fight for our country until the very last moment. I leave you with this mission, shall you choose to accept it.”

        Those were John’s father’s last words uttered proudly as he lay dying from his injuries from his fight for freedom. John, just an 8-year old boy took up his father’s honor and made it his destiny to fight for America’s freedom until his death.

John had to care and look after himself. He earned money by polishing shoes on different streets until he was old enough to enlist in the army. Never, not even once, did John beg for money from someone, he always found a way to keep himself alive honestly. Once John had been enlisted in the army he worked day in and day out to be the best soldier he could ever be. He accomplished that when he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. John never felt the satisfaction of being a Sergeant because he only went to the war once. As a result he approached the Commander of the army and asked to be sent into the war one again.

“Sir, I have a request that I want approved,” John explained.

“Anything for my best soldier,” the Commander replied. “What is it that you desire?”

“I wish to be sent into battle with my fellow soldiers, so I can taste the sweet taste of victory again,” John requested.

“John, I was afraid that this day was going to come. Let me just tell you, war is a horrible time that not many people wish to be part of. Yet they are dragged into this against their will. I told a similar thing to your father many years ago, but he could not be convinced to change his mind. I don’t want the same happening to you someday, so I implore you not to go to this war,” the Commander pleaded.

“With all due respect, sir, a wise man once told me that a true man’s honor is only earned through the devotion to his people, his country, and his freedom. I am yet to earn this honor, so I must be sent into this war.”

So John was drafted to New York City where the true meaning of death came to life. He saw his very own friends fall right before his eyes as they were shot by the enemies. He understood what the Commander was telling him and he realized what he needed to do. He realized that to earn true honor one should not take revenge or kill someone, they should use a gift that most people in this world have, the gift of speech.

John returned home with the intention to change the minds of the people of America. He returned home with the will to free America from the unruly bonds of the British. John started making public speeches to the Americans to get them to join the cause to end the war without violence and bloodshed.

“People of America,” he said at one of his movements, “I have gathered you all today to end this war that took the lives of our loved ones, the war that destroyed our families. I am here today to declare that us Americans want to be free from the British! To all of you British officers that are listening to me right now, waiting for me to say something terrible so you can arrest me, don’t you feel the least bit guilty for taking away our rights, and our freedom? If you feel even a little guilty, there is always space for you among us Americans. Everyone who is with this movement, or pledges their allegiance to America will be treated equally and fairly by all others and will treat others the way they want to be treated. So join the cause for freedom, to be one step closer to a free America!”

John continued these movements all around the Colonies until he had talked to each and every American that there was to talk to. He was also wanted by the British police for committing treason. There were also people who strongly supported his cause and they protected him from getting into harm’s grasp.   One day while making his speech, John was caught and arrested by the British police. They took him to the police station where he saw many other freedom fighters and many of his supporters.

“You will be judged in court tomorrow afternoon,” the officer said. “You have knowingly committed treason and will spend the night here.”



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