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A Perfect Day

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Albina Gurung

English 1010


                                                               A Perfect Day

           Hmmm…. I must say today was my perfect day, got to deal with nice player, had a nice supervisor and made great deal of money on top. Everyone dream about a perfect day, but no one gets into the details what a perfect day really is. For most people a perfect day is associated with a day when they do not experience any negative situations, or the day during which they are not stressed. Very often people have different types of problem they must deal with, and these problems prevent them from taking a deep breath recalling what is important for them. The individuality of the person should be the first aspect taken into consideration in giving the definition of a perfect day. A perfect day is when a person realizes that he/she is happy with a clear conscience about what he/she is and with what he/she has in life, helping others or daily plans.

          A perfect day has a lot to do with a clear conscience. A clear conscience is a term that describes a part of a human being's self-awareness. It is part of a person's internal judgement of values. Conscience is being aware of norms and values we recognize and apply. It may become real only under the condition that a person feels proud of him/her self. For example, when I had to come to US I was in dilemma about my future but my conscience was clear enough to make me made the decision to come to US, and as a result I’m proud of myself now. Sometimes a person’s perfect day depends on the decision he/she makes to feel secure with a clear conscience.

         A perfect day is a day that cannot be lost among numerous other days. It makes any person glad and thankful for the day before he/she falls asleep. If the day is “perfect” the person does not want to erase anything in it because he/she knows that he/she has done something positive, something that makes him/herself feel a decent person and that everything will be alright. For example, when I get to help a person like, disable or homeless people by giving helping hand or giving some money to buy food for them and seeing smile on their face makes my day perfect. In this case, I’m thankful that I could help someone despite of my poor financial status. A person doesn’t need to have lot of money to have a perfect day. Also, it can be an unforgettable day for a person that he/she could help despite of one’s poor financial status.



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