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A Home

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Some say that a house or dwelling place can affect our lives in many ways, both positively and negatively. The human race is very impressionable; in saying that, it is more evident that a home could affect our life. In the reading of "Daddy Tucked the Blanket" we see how an entire family was changed by the home environment. Williams demonstrates the change through financial stress. Whether it is visible or not, there are many life long and temporary effects on humans. Some situations can not be helped and others can. Looking deeper into alcoholism, homosexuality, drug abuse, and poverty we see many problems and negative effects. And looking into healthy, stable homes we tend to see many benefits. There are many benefits and problems in both broken and stable homes as you will see ("Daddy Tucked the Blanket" Users Guide to College Writing 436-439).

In broken homes there tends to be more negative effects. Williams displays some negative effects of poverty in his essay. He shoes how poverty causes emotional and physical stress on everyone which ended in divorce for the parents and social distress for the children. Elaborating on Williams essay, families with other problems such as abuse, addictions, same sex marriages, and single parent families see many affects also. For example, whether it is an abusive father, mother, or sibling the effects radiate throughout the entire family, and leave the victims with a sense of scarcity, not being loved, trust issues, or a sense of distortion on life itself. No one in a family should feel this, or feel as if they need to be withdrawn from the outer world as the young man did in Williams essay. There tends to be more negative effects and instability in broken homes (Williams 437).

On the other hand if you look at a family that is financially stable and supports each other, you see more of these positive affects. In Williams text he seems to leave out this aspect of the home and its affects on those who live in it. When you have two parents working and raising children there is less stress over money, the custody issue is not present, and there is more time for positive attention when the stress is not in the picture. Being in a stable family allows for there to be more independence , and we can see how a sense of neediness is not an issue. Therefore, there is more positive effects in a stable home.

In children, you see more of the affects of a broken or stable home. When Williams writes "Being poor is a humiliating experience for a young person trying to be accepted." He even goes on when he shares that the girls would not "receive" guys in their home because they were ashamed



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