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A Gift of Magic

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As the grandmother was dieing, she told her daughter, Elizabeth Garrett, that each one of her children would have a special gift. To Kirby she left the gift of dance. To Brendon, who wasn't born yet, she left the gift of music. And to Nancy she left the gift of magic. Nancy can read people's minds, know where they are at all times, and she can make them do what she wants.

Growing up, her father, Richard Garrett, moved from place to place due to his job. Elizabeth was sick of it, so she moved back to her childhood house on the beach in Florida. When they got there, she told her children that their father and her were going to get a divorce. Kirby and Brendon seemed to handle it pretty well, but Nancy was devastated.

Elizabeth met up with her childhood sweetheart Tom Duncan. Nancy wasn't happy about this at all. She made her mother promise that she would stop seeing him and stop talking to him, and Elizabeth agreed.

One day, Kirby comes into lunch thinking about the test she just took and Nancy picked up on the questions. She had the same class next period and when she went there she knew the questions ahead of time. The teacher accused her of cheating and took her to the principals' office where Tom Duncan was sitting. He picked up on her story and tried to test her for ESP. Nancy was so mad at her teacher so she decided to get her back. That's when she realized she could make people do what she wanted. Nancy made her drop everything she picked up in front of the class. Then after that class she went to meet up with Kirby. Nancy was waiting for her at her locker and started to think about the ballet school Kirby wanted to go to that required her to move away. She started to think "I won't let her go!" Just as she was thinking that, Kirby came to the steps and fell breaking her leg. Kirby is distraught thinking it ruined her dancing career and is bringing every body down. Tom Duncan picks them up from school one day and has a talk with them about their attitudes and it completely turns Kirby and Nancy around.

A letter from their father comes in the mail one day when it is just Nancy at home. It reveals that he had just gotten married. Nancy is so upset she tries to reach out to him with his mind and ends up wandering off to Brendon. She heard someone screaming

"HELP!" so she runs to Tom's house. They take the boat into the ocean and find Brendon almost drowning.



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