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A Day in Life Case Discussion

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Essay Preview: A Day in Life Case Discussion

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Case: A Day in the Life

Project is “a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result.” (PMBOK) In this case, it has described how a project manager daily functions her/his work. Rachel, the project manager of a large information systems project allocates her time in various tasks. The time allocated in various tasks is presented as following:

Time spent


10 minutes

Socializing and catching up with the personal news

10 minutes

Getting to her office and settling in

15 minutes

Reviewing her schedule and ‘to do’ lists

25 minutes

Review project work and prepare for weekly meetings

20 minutes

Discuss the project with her superiors

45 minutes

Participate in the progress review meeting

30 minutes

Reviewing project assignments

20 minutes

Identify and respond to the issues arise in the project via listening teammates

30 minutes

Gossip with Eddie

30 minutes

Discussing the problem with John

30 minutes

Exploring the necessities in the project like equipment

60 minutes

Exchanging information about the technical requirements

40 minutes

Meeting with Mary after 10 minutes of waiting

30 minutes

Reviewing the impact of the clients’ request

20 minutes

Updating boss on the key events of the day

30 minutes

Reviewing the e-mail and login to MS project schedule

30 minutes

Traveling to home

  1. How effectively do you think Rachel spent her day?

Answer: In my opinion, Rachel spent her day in an average level. In several things she had done appropriately but there are several places where she can improve for the effectiveness. She has spent lots of time for the effectiveness in the communication. She communicated effectively with her boss, listened the team members’ problems and made a good line of communication between herself and her team. Along with that, she has shown some motivation to the team members by meeting them and providing them feedback on the jobs they performed. She has spent time for the interpersonal function like socializing with her colleagues.

However, she has to improve on checking the mail process. She should have consistent email/voice mail communication process. She had several unplanned breaks which got in the way of making progress on the real issues, so she should improve the ways she is managing interruptions and the project status meetings. She should establish the effective communication channel between project management team and marketing team. Along with these, she shouldn’t waste her time taking the responsibility of Victoria’s project. Instead, she can bring it to the portfolio management team for the concern if it is needed. Also she does not need to indulge in spreading rumors.



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