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A Career as a Bricklayer

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A good career for me would be a bricklayer. Bricklayers make a lot of money but

it's also a lot of work. It's a job that most people wouldn't necessarily enjoy but on the

other hand you would make a lot of money, about $14-$18 an hour. (WOIS p ) A quote

from my sister who works at Big Kmart is, "People work at jobs they don't enjoy just so

they can make a lot of money." I think I could do the job well. Three reasons I think I

could do the job well are, I'm a good worker, I have a lot of energy, and I know a lot

about bricks. With these three reasons in mind, it would be good to think of a bricklayer

as a career for me. I think that I would be a really good bricklayer.

I'm a good worker. If you were to give me a job to do then I would do it and do it

well. If I'm focused and determined to do the job, I will get the job done successfully.

That's pretty much all there is to it. If you told me to build a wall out of bricks, for

example, I'm the kind of person who will be right on the job. I'll just start working then

I'll work until the wall or whatever it may be is built. Now everyone has days that they

are tired but they still have to work. Let's say I was tired, I would work not only because

I had to but because I would care so much about my job to do my absolute best.

For my whole life I have had a somewhat large amount of energy. That means

that I can do something for a long period of time, without getting tired. Bricklayers work

different amounts of hours all the time. It depends on the project and on who you are

working for. A lot of bricklayers are self employed so they work what they want to. So

it really depends on what exactly you are doing (WOIS p ). I could work long hours, that

is another reason why I'd be good at my job. Most people would hire you for the job if

they know that you will get the job done in a reasonable amount of time doing a fair job.

My sister says that, "One



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