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2nd Video

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Bio 2


2nd Video summary

The second video began talking about an animal called Arceocptolips. This animal has tiny teeth, 3 toes with a claw, bony rod tail with out a large breast bone because it probably didn't fix into its body. Then it moved on to talk about birds that have adaptations for hunting. It first talked about a bird that resembles some prehistoric ancestors, who lived during the dinosaur age. This bird had claws that allowed to it cling on to things with its wings. The Hatson has claws when it is born, but due to the evolutionary process it loses its wings after a week. Then an eagle vulture has a hook on its claw that is designed to hook in to its prey and use it is a thumb for holding and eating its catch. Flamingos have a mouth that is specialized to filter pump the water across its beak to eat the microorganisms in the water. They also use their beak as a cleaning tool because they use their beak to groom and clean their feathers. Humming birds have elongated bills that look like swords and are able to use them to reach deep into plants to retrieve nectar only they can access. The movie then talked about mammals. Platypuses are a mixture of animals, part reptile/mammal, dense soft fur , feet webbed like an otter, soft rubbery animal that lays eggs (no mammals do that), and have sweat glands unlike reptiles

Next the video moved to the ways birds fly. Turns are oceans birds that sail along with long thin wings, which are useful because they help keep the bird light in the air. Albatross's do not need a lot of wind to be able to float along for long periods of time, and the swifts are able to speed and cut through the air at about 170 km/h. There are certain birds that have a unique, bird specific, dances that are used to attract mates. Each bird actually created and different dance that no other male bird does, and performs it for the females.



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