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25 Ways to Be Nicer to the Earth

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Essay Preview: 25 Ways to Be Nicer to the Earth

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1. How can you as an individual be gentler to the Earth? List at least twenty-five (25) things you can do to be more gentle to our planet.

Most people would not believe that, as an individual, he/she can make a difference in helping the environment, but they can. One person can help to make a difference and there are many, simple and everyday actions an individual can do to be gentler to the Earth.

When one wants to be gentler to the Earth he/she should follow the three R's - reduce, reuse and recycle. This means buying products that are less toxic or contain less packaging, using reusable containers and other reusable items, maintaining and repairing products, participating in recycling programs, and buying products made from recycled materials.

The list of ways and choices an individual can make to be gentler to the environment are endless. Every small action helps and is a positive statement for a better environment. Some simple things you can do include:

1. Eat less animal products.

2. Recycle newspapers, bottles, cans, containers at your local redemption center.

3. Buy recycled items.

4. Do not litter.

5. Choose energy efficient appliances.

6. Get green energy from your power company.

7. Choose environmentally aware products.

8. Become an environmental volunteer and help build stronger, healthier communities.

9. When cleaning up around your home, instead of throwing items away donate them to charities and local recycling organizations.

10. Compost and/or mulch garden materials at home to reduce garbage.

11. Turn off water when you brush your teeth.

12. Flush less water.

13. Have a shower instead of a bath.

14. Use less water when doing laundry.

15. Save water outdoors by only watering the plants when they need it.

16. Lessen air pollution by leaving



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