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20-Year Car

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"The traffic is so bad! I hope there be less cars in the world in the future!" as some one puts it. Will there be fewer cars in twenty years? From my point of view, no, I strongly believe that there will be more cars in use than there in today. For the reason that today's teenagers in the United States always dream to have a car when they are sixteen years old, people in the developing countries also dream to have a car as the rich, and cars are convenient transportations.

Primarily, teenagers dream to have a car, because a car is a symbol of adult's life, and it means we take responsibilities when we drive. "Only adults drive cars," I said it to my friend Galen when we were both child as Galen told me he want to own a car. In the movies, adults always drive a car taking the family to go to vacations. SUVs can load a bunch of friends and goods go hiking. Car is a symbol, and the teenagers want this symbol.

Additionally, a car is a symbol of rich in the developing countries, such as in China. Bicycle is common and wide-use transportation in the country, and to have a car is people who live in the countries dream. It can be easily proofed from the movies, movie stars always drive nice cars go to parties, and whether a person is wealthy is measured by that if he/ she has a house and a car. As China's GPA increases steadily these years, people earn more money than before, and more families can afford the car, the number of cars will soar up in twenty years.

Furthermore, a car is a convenient transportation. Riding a car is much faster than walking or riding bicycles, it can save a lot of time.

To summary, probably I will say that more cars will be produced in the future, since a lot of people want them. The thing is, how can we build a more scientific highway system to avoid the problem such as traffic jam.



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