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1st Sports Memory

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As far back as I can recall my first sports memory was when I was about sox years old. Before this time I only have seen sports on TV and my older brothers taking me to the park to play. At the age of six my mother enrolled me in little league baseball. The league I was in was called Kingsbridge little league and I was in the clinic because this was for little kids to develop there skills before they can go to the minor league. I had a basic sense of the game even though I never played for a league before but I just look at it as a simple game, hit the ball run the bases and reach home plate. If I was playing the field I looked at it as run as fast as I can to catch the ball and throw it to the closes person to get the runner out. When I was enrolled in this league it was in the spring going into summer time so it was nice outside. We had practices on the big field that all the older kids played on like my other brother so I was familiar with the field because after my brothers games sometimes they let kids run and play on the field. As a kid I think I was advance for my age because I had older brother who taught me the game and I was very eager to learn so every moment I had I was out practicing with my brothers. In the clinic league the coaches taught the fundamentals of the game. Once we got there we would have to stretch, and get loose before we can do anything. So after we finished doing our warm-ups we would find a partner and toss around the ball back and forth to loosen our arm. After we finished this we would get split up into groups, the first group would work on in fielder skills like fielding ground balls, the second group would work on out fielder skills like fielding pop-ups and line drives, and the third group would work on hitting. The last group would work on hitting the ball and batting stands. Before the day was over we would go back into one big group and be divided into 2 teams and play each other. I feel this was my first sports experience that I could remember because this was the first time I felt I was an actually athlete. I felt good every time I went to practice because my coaches would encourage me and tell me that I was a good player so I would look forward to going to play baseball.



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