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17 Days Away

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This book is for all the married couples whose marriage is dwindling who are fighting and those who are planning to leave their husband. Trust me these relations are not very easy to make. They are made by God yes they are pure once you are tied in the relation of husband and wife, do your best to save your marriage.

Relations can be made by so many ways; some of the people reading this story might have met through internet, friends, in parties, wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, shops, stores, tills, in family gathering, in parks, on road, in hospital.... Place doesn't matter just the relation

This short story of 17 days is for all those people who can see the cracks in their relation sometimes the couples who lived together for more than 5, 10, 20 years they decide to get separated. Yes I am also in the favourite of understanding each other not to compromise s compromise is to kill yourself and your inner self and as you are not the one which you are pretending so the story will have a bad ending. There are some of the golden rules really they can help all the girls who are going to get married or who are already married

No compromise

Yes this is the blunt saying by me but if the narrow minded and extremist will read this they whould like to find me out and kill me but even then I will say no compromise. What is compromise ,for me it sis always that one person keep on bearing eh attitude of the other person, his deeds, his actions, wrongdoing but this is not fair.



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