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  • Cuckoo's Egg

    Cuckoo's Egg

    Obesity is one of the most concerned and talked about issues among today's society and for the past several years as well. A lot of concern pertaining to obesity has to do with where to put the blame and what actions of an individual has led to the dramatic

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  • Cultural Changes Inside Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc.

    Cultural Changes Inside Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc.

    Cultural Changes inside Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc. Today, the merging of computers with telecommunications technology has been a major contributor to globalization because modern technological advancements have made instant communication possible. People take it for granted that they can pick up a phone and connect to someone else halfway around the

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  • Culture


    Culture Culture definitely support in the determination of gender roles. Socialization in all cultures is directly linked to the final product of a human being. Culture dictates, at a very young age, how boys and girls are supposed to act, feel and respond to certain situations. Boys and girls are

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  • Culture Change & Comm Tech Essay

    Culture Change & Comm Tech Essay

    Cult. Change & Comm Tech Essay 1: Cinema/Film Many young people today are learning about their world through electronic means - radio, television, video movies, computer games, virtual reality games and the Internet. In particular the visual environment of the electronic media is greatly attracting the print media in all

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  • Current Ethical Issue in Business

    Current Ethical Issue in Business

    CURRENT ETHICAL ISSUE IN BUSINESS INTRO Ethical issues in business are a common placed every day occurrence that will never cease to exist. We will discuss an ethical issue that involves a large American corporation and its practices when dealing with suppliers of produce that is essential but not

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  • Current Trends in Database Models

    Current Trends in Database Models

    Current Trends in Database Models The evolution of database system models over the last 30 years has influenced many entities from the fields of business communications to marketing systems. These database system models have evolved from simple systems that manage simple flat files to complex software engines designed to handle

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  • Curve Tracer

    Curve Tracer

    The introduction to the Curve Tracer helped us understand the I-V characteristics of the resistor, diode, and Zener diode. It was determined from the Curve Tracer experiment, when a 100 Щ resistor was placed on the terminals, the I-V curve was linear, which means the relationship of the current to

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  • Custom Fabricators, Inc - Week 2

    Custom Fabricators, Inc - Week 2

    Custom Fabricators, Incorporated Since its release in 1994, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has impacted the manufacturing sector in the United States. Manufacturing organizations such as Custom Fabricators, Inc (CFI) have been forced to find ways to cut costs to remain competitive. In the United States, NAFTA has

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  • Customer Loyalty Programs

    Customer Loyalty Programs

    A Unique, Simple-to-Implement Customer Loyalty Program I want to tell you about a little thing that the local airport parking company did that had a big impact on me and my family. They used a little marketing trick that isn't new (by any means) but so few companies rarely use

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  • Customer Relationship Management

    Customer Relationship Management

    Technology has helped fuel the growth of CRM strategies. The evolution of CRM is moving forward with e - business evolutions. eCRM is the new strategy of customer relationship management in the Internet era. This paper addresses the basics of CRM and what is eCRM, explains the relationship between technology

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  • Customer Relationship Management Technology

    Customer Relationship Management Technology

    Introduction Even now, customer relationship management (CRM) is in its growth stage. Until recently, diverse individuals defined this concept differently. As the name suggests, the primary focal point is placed on the customer. If a company develops better customer relationships, it also improves business processes as well as its profits.

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  • Customer Relationsihp Management

    Customer Relationsihp Management

    CRM Features and Benefits CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps companies to understand, anticipate and respond to their customers' needs in a consistent way, right across their organization (Is4Profit, 2006,1). CRM is a business strategy designed to improve profitability, revenue, and customer satisfaction. It consists of software, services, and a new

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  • Customer Service Tactics and Strategies

    Customer Service Tactics and Strategies

    Customer Service Tactics and Strategies Keith Rosenow University of Phoenix COMM 470 Brian Danzinger February 22, 2006 Customer Service Tactics and Strategies Just who are our customers and what is customer service? This paper will attempt to answer these questions with regard to how companies use online and virtual

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  • Customer Technical Support Experience with Intertech

    Customer Technical Support Experience with Intertech

    Customer Technical Support Experience with InterTech Introduction I am very grateful that I have achieved a portion of my goals before I am too old. It was the year 2001-2004; I was enrolled and studying to be a computer technician at Western Nebraska Community College. I learned how to troubleshoot

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  • Cyber Crime

    Cyber Crime

    Yet, cyberspace is, in the end, a place populated by humans, or perhaps more correctly, by human minds, since it is our intellects that reside and meet one another there. It should come as no surprise, then, that many of the problems of the 'real' world carry over into

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  • Cyber Laundering - Anonymous Digital Cash and Money Laundering

    Cyber Laundering - Anonymous Digital Cash and Money Laundering

    Cyberlaundering: Anonymous Digital Cash and Money Laundering Copyright 1996 R. Mark Bortner The author hereby grants the right to copy this article in its entirety or any portion thereof by any means possible and to distribute such copies freely and without charge. The author simply requests that when a portion

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  • Cyber-Democracy and Cyber-Hegemony

    Cyber-Democracy and Cyber-Hegemony

    Cyber-democracy and Cyber-hegemony The reading tackled the emergence and the varying meanings of the term "cyberspace", and its impact to the different aspects of the society. From being a "hollow" term, several meanings were filled up by different people from the different fields of discipline, from the academic, to the

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  • Cybercrime on Computerized Systems

    Cybercrime on Computerized Systems

    Cybercrime on Computerized Systems This situation involves a large bank that has recently installed a new software system for handling all transactions and account storage. An employee at the company developing the software programmed a "back door" into the system, and got another employee to unknowingly install it. Some weeks

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  • Cybercrime Pays

    Cybercrime Pays

    Cybercrime Pays Cybercrime is a combination of criminal acts in dealing with networks and computers and traditional criminal acts conducted through the internet. For example, credit card account thefts, and internet fraud among others are considered cybercrimes when they are committed and illegal through the use of internet and computers.

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  • Cyberethic


    Cyberethics With the explosion of the technology age, information management is at a crucial state. Technology's rapid advances have given us the tools to employ new forms of information collection and distribution. However, one vital detail has been left by the wayside--ethics. More importantly, it is Cyberethics that individuals in

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  • Cybersecurity Startup Profile - Illumio

    Cybersecurity Startup Profile - Illumio

    Illumio Cybersecurity Startup Profile MSIS 641 – INNOVATION, COMMERCIALIZATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP Summer 2015 June 13, 2014 ________________ Introduction Founded in 2013 with headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA, Illumio is a company that provides security for enterprise data centers and cloud computing. Illumio was founded by Andrew Rubin and PJ Kirner and

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  • Cyberspace and Identity

    Cyberspace and Identity

    Cyberspace and Identity In her article, Cyberspace and Identity, Sherry Turkle implies that the various personas that we put up through the internet have helped people express different parts of their personalities. While it is healthy to express these "multiple selves," it is also important that these selves recognize each

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  • Cyberterrorism


    The internet has grow in both its size and functionality. All people around the world are using the internet to convert, store, protect, process, transmit and retrieve information. In fact, most of people use it as a reliable place where they can trust putting and sending important data. Moreover, The

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  • Da Vinci Surgical System

    Da Vinci Surgical System

    -The Da Vinci Surgical System- What is the Da Vinci Surgical System? The Da Vinci Surgical System is a large purpose-built robot controlled by a surgeon that performs minimally invasive surgical procedures on patients. The system incorporates an ergonomically designed surgeon's console, a patient-side module with four interactive robotic arms,

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  • Dangerous Effect on Suv

    Dangerous Effect on Suv

    In this modern world, vehicles are the most important things in the United States. Living in the United States required people to have a vehicle in order to make their life easier, because the distance between one places to another is very far. There are many kinds of vehicles as

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  • Darfur


    The government of Sudan is responsible for "ethnic cleansing" and crimes against humanity in Darfur, which is located on Sudan's western border with Chad (. The Sudanese government, along with the Arab "Janjaweed" militias they arm and support, have attacked the civilians of the African Fur, Masalit and Zaghawa ethnic

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  • Darknets


    The emergence of broadband for the masses had laid the groundwork for information and data sharing. The most common types of information sharing networks in use today usually fall into two categories, darknets and intranets. Each has their merits and disadvantages. This paper will examine both types of networks. Darknets

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  • Data Accuracy

    Data Accuracy

    The Importance of Data Accuracy The accuracy of data input is extremely important. There are several types of data input. They all provide different aspects of data accuracy. There is Copy and paste method, Typing of data input manually, Verbal through voice recognition & Verbal to a stenographer, importing from

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  • Data Architecture

    Data Architecture

    Data Architecture The current data environment does not provided an adequate state for the development of a new planned implementation of the reporting software. The current environment must be defined then the proposed end state of the data architecture. By providing structure to the data architecture the data resources can

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  • Data Breach at Equifax

    Data Breach at Equifax

    1. How does Equifax’s business model work? Answer this in the context of the so-called Business Model Canvas (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. shown below. There's a copy in Week 7 as well. 2. Was Equifax lax or unlucky to be cyber-breached in this way? I

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