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Dangerous Effect on Suv

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Essay Preview: Dangerous Effect on Suv

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In this modern world, vehicles are the most important things in the United States. Living in the United States required people to have a vehicle in order to make their life easier, because the distance between one places to another is very far. There are many kinds of vehicles as we know, and almost forty percent of them are SUV in United States. For example, every family in this country has at least one SUV to take them for vacation. Not just that SUVs are also popular in the past few years because of their looks. These vehicles are very helpful to carrying more passengers than other standard vehicle, and they can also carry large things like snowboard and ski equipment. The specific reason for people to like SUV is because they tend to feel safer, because they are driving a big vehicle. But actually, SUV are no safer than other standard vehicle, their advantages are only on the wide and large body, and they can carry more passengers. In the other hand, SUV is endangering the other vehicle, which is smaller than him. From the survey, accidents in highways involved by SUV are increased in the last decade. SUV is a safety threat to occupants of other vehicle because its higher bumper shall endanger the other vehicle during accidents, its wide and large body blocks other drivers' vision behind it, and its instability makes a vehicle possible to roll over.

The first reason why SUV is not safe because it has a higher bumper than other standard vehicle. SUVs are not compatible in accidents with small-sized vehicle. For example, when collision happens, its bumper can directly hit the cabin passenger of the other vehicle, which is smaller than it. Sometimes they will climb up to the top of other vehicle, crushing that vehicle and the passengers inside it. The casualties of the other vehicle' can be really serious and fatal. It is a natural reason why SUV cause more damage in the road accidents, because they tend to be heavier than the other cars. According to the SUV Link, the 5,259 fatalities caused when light trucks struck cars in 1996, 81 percent if the fatally injured were occupants of the car, and in the multiple crashes, the occupants in the other vehicle four times more likely to die than passengers in the SUV.

The second reasons why SUVs are more dangerous than other vehicle because of it's large and wide body hard blocks the vision of other vehicle behind them. As example, when a SUV is in front of the standard vehicle, the vehicle behind it cannot see the image in front of that SUV, because its large body blocks the driver's vision. Driving an SUV has a lot of blind spots, so sometimes the SUV's driver doesn't realize that there is a car in their rear side when changing the lane. Sometimes this is the major cause of the accident in the highways. In other case, the high bumper makes the headlight higher than other standard vehicle. This effect could



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