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  • Worldviews and the World

    Worldviews and the World

    Before proceeding with our exploration of the fifteen aspects of the world, particularly the human world, it is necessary to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of worldviews; how they inform our interior lives, and how they help to determine the manner in which we engage the exterior world.

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  • Worldwide Education

    Worldwide Education

    Around the world, education is funded in different ways, yielding different outcomes. In Europe, the state typically still pays for the institutional costs of instruction; students pay little or no tuition, but are responsible for living costs; and most universities are public. In many Asian countries (such as Japan, Korea,

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  • Would World Affairs Be More Peaceful If Women Dominated Politics?

    Would World Affairs Be More Peaceful If Women Dominated Politics?

    Would World Affairs Be More Peaceful If Women Dominated Politics? A recent addition to the study of international relations is the idea of gender and the difference it may have on political beliefs and actions. The argument is rooted in the concept that women are not as prone to

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  • Writing for Myself

    Writing for Myself

    "Writing for Myself" The point the author, Russell Baker, is making in his essay, "Writing for Myself," is quite evident. When Mr. Fleagle, Baker's English teacher, assigned an informal essay to be completed as homework, Baker immediately became baffled by the daunting task. Though reluctant to start, Baker knew that

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  • Ww1


    Histories of the First World War tend to concentrate on the great armies fighting on the Western Front, the fleet battles in the North Sea or the struggle against the U-boat in the Atlantic. Less well known is the war in the Adriatic where the Habsburg empire of Austria-Hungary had

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  • X and Y Game

    X and Y Game

    The X and Y game What is a game where you have four persons to a team, and each person shows an X and Y card each round and according to what each other person, including themselves shows they get a certain number of points added on or taken off?

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  • Yawener


    Design Brief How To Write An Effective Design Brief A design brief is a written explanation - given to a designer - outlining the aims, objectives and milestones of a design project. A thorough and articulate design brief is a critical part of the design process. It helps develop trust

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  • Yay


    Unfortunately, Americans today are obsessed with losing weight. Everybody wants to be thin! Everywhere I go, there's someone counting calories, cutting "carbs", and running themselves to death on a treadmill. Dieting can be beneficial, when done properly and with discussion with a doctor. Sadly, some people fall into these bad

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  • Yes


    6. Our system has many strengths, but there are also some weaknesses and improvements that could be made if time (and skill!☺) allowed. Strengths: 1. All drop downs are populated from database - insures that a user can not select an incorrect/invalid item producing an error. 2. Views were created

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  • Yes on Sex Education

    Yes on Sex Education

    Sex education is being taught to students in middle schools across the country. It educates young teenagers about the responsibilities and sometimes consequences of having sex. Teaching sex education helps students understand that the changes their body is undergoing is normal. Some parents may feel uncomfortable talking with their children

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  • You Don't Fight with the Police

    You Don't Fight with the Police

    An article written by Rosie Dimanno discusses the fact that there are corrupt police officers who the legal system sets free. I interpreted the article "You don't fight with the police" as an instance in society when the innocent are punished by the police who are actually supposed to help

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  • Young Adult Interview

    Young Adult Interview

    My interviewee is a young person not much younger than me, but someone I have watched grow up from about age 10. We used to play together, she the girl I made fun of because of "cooties", and I was the boy she used to call "apple head". I

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  • Young Children and Tv

    Young Children and Tv

    Watching television is an experience shared by families across the world that include both adults and children. Watching television is a great and exciting past time for some families. Television is cheap, appealing, and within the reach of the general public. It has become an important mass media around the

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  • Young Males Take More Voluntary Risks Than Any Other Social Group

    Young Males Take More Voluntary Risks Than Any Other Social Group

    Since Beck (1992) claimed that we are now living in a "risk society" there has been an abundance of sociological research surrounding the subject. Most recently the idea of voluntary risk taking has been brought to the fore front of sociological debate. It is clear that in a society where

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  • Young offender Act

    Young offender Act

    Youth crime is a growing epidemic that affects most teenagers at one point in their life. There is no question in society to whether or not youths are committing crimes. It has been shown that since 1986 to 1998 violent crime committed by youth jumped approximately 120% (CITE). The most

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  • Young offenders

    Young offenders

    There should be no special treatment for convicted young offenders. They should be treaded as adults. In the year of 1982, Parliament passed the Young Offenders Act (YOA). Effective since 1984, the Young Offenders Act replaced the most recent version of the Juvenile Delinquents Act. The Young Offenders Act's purpose

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  • Young offenders Act

    Young offenders Act

    I am writing this essay on the Young Offenders Act for a few reasons. One being that I am a special agent sent from the future keep the fate of this Grade 11 English credit comfortably in Justin Faviere's upcoming report card. Secondly, I am trying to educate people who

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  • Young Teens and Sexuality

    Young Teens and Sexuality

    YOUNG TEENS AND SEXUALITY: Why many aged 12-15yr olds are having sex Many teenagers have already had sex by the ages of 12, 13, and 14.According to Ukweli newsletter (March 1999) in Kenya, 19% of teens were sexually active by age 12, 25% by age13 and 38% by age14 .

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  • Younger


    Walter (In-Depth Analysis) As Mama's only son, Ruth's defiant husband, Travis's caring father, and Beneatha's belligerent brother, Walter serves as both protagonist and antagonist of the play. The plot revolves around him and the actions that he takes. Most of his actions and mistakes hurt the family greatly, but his

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  • Youth


    Lectures: 17.04.03 Lecture One Theoretical perspectives: early beginnings to present day Lecture Two Feminist challenges to youth and trouble: focus on teenage pregnancy and crime The academic literature on `delinquent youth' arises in part from official concern over young people's activities outside direct adult supervision by parents, teachers or employers.

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  • Youth Criminal Justice Act

    Youth Criminal Justice Act

    "The Youth Criminal Justice Act is a piece of Canadian legislation...that determines the way in which youths are prosecuted under Canada's criminal justice system." The act was implemented April 1, 2003, after "7 years, 3 drafts, and more than 160 amendments." The clearly stated purpose of the Youth Criminal Justice

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  • Youth Gangs

    Youth Gangs

    Within the past two decades, beginning in the early 1980's a growing concern has been focused on what can be considered a social epidemic among the youth of our nation. This social distress stems directly from the rising number and over all abundance of youth gangs throughout the country.

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  • Youth Gangs

    Youth Gangs

    Gangs are a violent reality that many people have to deal with in today's cities. What has made these groups come about? Why do kids feel that being part of a gang is both an acceptable and prestigious way to live? The long-range answer to these questions can only be

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  • Youth Gangs Across the Globe

    Youth Gangs Across the Globe

    Youth Gangs Across The Globe From L.A. to El Salvador Most gangs are created to form a sense of power and control. All types of problems are presented to the youths of today growing up in major cities. Before being so eager to jump to conclusions, we must learn

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  • Youth Mentoring

    Youth Mentoring

    "Young people will find a way to meet their needs... even if this means moving in directions that are not approved of by family and/or community. Whether or how young people meet their needs depends in large part on the strength and direction of influences and opportunities in their lives".

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  • Youth Problems

    Youth Problems

    I would like to address the problem of youth crime and drugs in Highland Crest and how we can help our youth join events and clubs to keep them out of trouble and learn hard work, gain self-esteem and strive to have a goal. The problem of youths abusing drugs,

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  • Youth Unemployment

    Youth Unemployment

    The Study addresses basically the issue of youth unemployment within the overall context of the Lebanese labor market conditions. It has proposed an in-depth analysis of the conditions prevailing in the Lebanese labor market, and associates the impact of the Lebanese civil strife that raged the country in 1975, on

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  • Youth Unemployment

    Youth Unemployment

    Youth unemployment causes trouble to everyone. Some people don't care about youth unemployment . However it is a major problem in Canada caused mainly by the lack of education that the youths are receiving and the lack of jobs that are available. High unemployment amongst youth is directly related to

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  • Youth Unemployment and Crime

    Youth Unemployment and Crime

    The causes and consequences of youth unemployment in Australia has been of particular concern within both government and private sectors for many years. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 10.9% of the total 15-24 age population was unemployed in September, 1995. This figure climbed to 15.3% in September,

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  • Youth Violence

    Youth Violence

    Youth Violence Youth violence is an escalating problem in American society today. There are many different factors that can be blamed for this problem. During the last decade of the twentieth century people began searching for answers to this dilemma which is haunting America. Many tragic school shootings have taken

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