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Teen Suicide Case Study

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 Teen at 12

By: Ysah

As going through Facebook’s feed, where people usually share posts regarding events in their lives, one thing caught my eye while scrolling, and that wasn’t something you usually see in the internet. This one, was an article regarding a girl’s death which she did live.

Last December 30 of 2016, Katelyn Nicole Davis, a 12 year old girl from Cedartown Georgia put up a live stream while she was on the road to kill herself. There she told the viewers she’d been sexually abused by her stepdad and ever her little sister. The film continued as she hanged herself in the front yard of their house.

“I don’t deserve to live.” She said.

These days, teen suicide has been a significant problem in our culture. And in out of many risk factors for teen suicide is the cause of stressful life events. And in that case, this probably is the  cause. How come she killed herself just because of that? It wasn’t just because of that. It is definitely tragic especially when you trusted that person to do good to your family but end up making you think that not all stories end happily.

But you know what makes me wonder here? It’s that her family didn’t notice anything from her actions even before she had the thought of committing suicide. Which implies that she doesn’t get the attention she needs and the fact that she live streamed her death, proves it more.

Suicidal teens should be taken seriously for we don’t know what they are capable of.  We must learn to fight no matter who the opponent is. No matter how shallow we think their problems are, we shouldn’t hesitate to give or lend our hands out. We must always let them remember that someone is always there to listen to them.

And with Katelyn, we know how much she’s grown. No one would ever give up that easily. And with her? It just goes to show that she was pushed to her limits. She’s definitely one brave soul. She tried to keep it all in not only maybe because she was afraid, but also maybe because she didn’t want to ruin the relationship her mother had with her stepdad. Giving up doesn’t mean you’re weak. Sometimes it simply means you’ve had enough of it. You tried. And that’s what matters.


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