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  • Ballistics


    Abstract This paper will identify what ballistic examiners do when they look for when they exam ballistic evidence. Also the paper explains how bullets are not the only thing that is needed to match a weapon to its bullet, casing are used as well. New technology's are discussed as

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  • Ballistics


    Firearms evidence and identification has become a crucial part in investigation and solving crimes. It has led to thousands of successful investigations that otherwise would not have been. You see it in the news and on TV shows like CSI. Although CSI is far from true forensic science, the concept

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  • Banana Oil Synthesis

    Banana Oil Synthesis

    RUNNING HEAD: Synthesis of Banana Oil Abstract A reflux apparatus was assembled with a water-cooled condenser and a drying tube. Isopentyl alcohol, glacial acid sulfuric acid is added to a 25 milliliter round bottom flask and attached to the reflux apparatus. The mixture was boiled, the extracted first using water

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  • Bank-M&a Aus Marketing Sicht

    Bank-M&a Aus Marketing Sicht

    Bank-M&A und die Integration von Marketing und Vertrieb Inhaltsverzeichnis Inhaltsverzeichnis I AbkÑŒrzungsverzeichnis V Abbildungsverzeichnis VI 1 EinfÑŒhrung 1 1.1 Problemstellung 1 5 2 Grundlagen des Managements von M&A im Bankenbereich 6 2.1 Formen von M&A 6 2.1.1 M&A nach Grad der IntensitÐ't des Zusammenschlusses 6 2.1.2 M&A nach Grad der

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  • Barely Breathing - Duncan Sheik

    Barely Breathing - Duncan Sheik

    Barely Breathing - Duncan Sheik The song Barely Breathing by Duncan Sheik was written and recorded in 1996. In my opinion it is a contemporary pop song geared toward a younger crowd. The song contains mentions of two astronomical objects. These objects mentioned in the song are a shooting star

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  • Barium


    Barium is a soft, heavy, silver-colored metal element. This element does not have very many uses outside of the laboratory, but it combines easily with other chemicals to form compounds used for important industrial uses. For example, Barium carbonate is used in the manufacture of ceramics and special glass, and

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  • Barium Enema

    Barium Enema

    Everyone should know that a lower GI is a very common and important exam used to diagnose many colon conditions. A lower GI examination, also know as a barium enema, is an x-ray examination of the large intestine. The large intestine, or large bowel, consists of the entire colon, including

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  • Base Extraction of Benzoic Acid from Acetanilide

    Base Extraction of Benzoic Acid from Acetanilide

    "Base Extraction of Benzoic Acid from Acetanilide" This lab was performed as a technical experiment in which the details of extraction were to be observed and practiced. Relying on differences in solubility, an extraction was performed on a mixture of benzoic acid and acetanilide in an attempt to isolate the

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  • Baseball Techniques

    Baseball Techniques

    The Hobo Spider There are five hundred difference species of Hobo spiders, they are found in the Pacific Northwest in Europe. The Hobo Spider is known for attaching itself to shipping crates that are loaded on trains; hints there name Tegenaria that means, "mat weaver". Its species name is "Agrestis"

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  • Basic Chemistry Essasy - Properties of Water

    Basic Chemistry Essasy - Properties of Water

    One property of water that makes life possible on earth is its solid state, (frozen).Water is less dense as a solid than it is as a liquid, which enables ice to float. When its temperature falls below 4 degrees Celsius, the molecules slow down to a point where they are

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  • Basic Lab Measurements and Equipment

    Basic Lab Measurements and Equipment

    Basic Lab Measurements and Equipment Purpose This lab experiment displays the accuracy of scientific measuring equipment. This experiment also helps to familiarize the students with these instruments. Procedure: Measure Volumes and Masses 1. Obtain a 400mL beaker and record its mass in grams. 2. Add 40mL of water to the

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  • Basic Science in a Nutshell

    Basic Science in a Nutshell

    Diffusion is the process of particles (particularly cells) moving from one area of lesser concentration to an area of higher concentration. A good example of diffusion would be dropping a drop of blood into water, the effect would result with the water all turning a reddish color and therefore the

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  • Basketball Bouncing in Different Temperatures

    Basketball Bouncing in Different Temperatures

    BASKETBALL BOUNCING IN DIFFERENT TEMPERATURES BACKGROUND INFORMATION The construction of a rubber basketball consist of three parts. The Bladder, The Winding and the Cover. The Bladder Sheets of material are bonded together with an attached valve and formed through vulcanization into a vessel or sphere that retains the air for

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  • Batteries, Technology, and Chemistry

    Batteries, Technology, and Chemistry

    In this highly technological world, electronics have been woven into almost every aspect of everyday life. Batteries are integrated into the majority of any electric appliance found in the home and work place, as well as our various entertainment devises. Therefore batteries could be titled as one of the most

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  • Be Manic About Eating Organic

    Be Manic About Eating Organic

    Be Manic about Eating Organic When we see the word 'organic' on a carton of an organic whole milk or on a plastic bottle of Stonyfield Farm's organic low fat yogurt, the words and phrases such as 'pure', 'chemical-free', 'natural' and 'healthy' naturally comes to mind, and there is

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  • Beach Dune Erosion

    Beach Dune Erosion

    Vegetated sand ridges called dunes, built up by dry beach sand blown inland and trapped by plants and other obstructions, back most beaches. As sand accumulates, the dunes become higher and wider. Plants play a vital role in this process, acting as a windbreak and trapping the deposited sand particles.

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  • Beach Erosion

    Beach Erosion

    . Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is the 208-foot tall landmark was just hauled more than a quarter-mile back from its former perch, where it was threatened by the encroaching sea. Coastal erosion chewed away about 1,300 feet of beach, bringing the waves to within 150 feet of the 4,800-ton sentinel.

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  • Bean Lab

    Bean Lab

    This experiment was done to find out the affects of various types of light on bean plants. The hypothesis was If Blue light helps plants grow better in height and 3 bean plants are grown in Artificial Light, Natural light, and no light than, the bean plant that is under

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  • Becoming a Doctor

    Becoming a Doctor

    Many people think that becoming a doctor is difficult. Others have some sense that becoming a physician takes many years and is expensive. Most people realize that being a physician is difficult yet rewarding. All these people are correct. Becoming a physician is a long, arduous, expensive process that

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  • Beer Brewing

    Beer Brewing

    Beer Brewing Beer is a common alcoholic beverage that is sold around the world. Although there are many different companies that brew beer, they all follow the same chief steps. The four main ingredients of barley, water, hops and yeast are combined in a fairly long process involving biochemical reactions

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  • Beet Lab

    Beet Lab

    MATERIAL AND METHODS Stability of cell membrane using pH For the lab experiment for testing the stability of beet cell membranes using pH, many materials were used as follows. Obtaining a beet we punch out cores, using a cork borer. After washing the cores we put each one inside a

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  • Beet Root Experiment

    Beet Root Experiment

    I predict that as the temperature is raised the number of molecules that are able to leave the cell and come into the solution will increase, however I think that there will be appoint at which the amount of molecules coming out will remain constant. Red beet tissue contains large

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  • Being a Pediatrician

    Being a Pediatrician

    Being a Pediatrician Many people out there say that being in the medical field only has to do with being a doctor. Although most are doctors, not all are. There are over 200 different types of careers that deal with the medical field. Some can include therapists, surgeons, psychologist, etc.

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  • Bells Palsy - Neurasthenia

    Bells Palsy - Neurasthenia

    BELL'S PALSY is a NEURASTHENIA (muscle weakness) or paralysis in the face that begins suddenly and worsens over three to five days. This condition results from damage to the 7th cranial nerve, and is not permanent. Bell's palsy typically strikes men and woman between the ages of 15 and 60.

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  • Beluga Whales

    Beluga Whales

    A. Swimming. 1. In general, beluga whales are slow swimmers. They commonly swim about 3 to 9 kph (1.9-5.6 mph). They are, however, capable of sustaining a maximum speed of 22 kph (13.6 mph) for as long as 15 minutes (Nowak, 1991; Ridgway and Harrison, 1981). 2. Belugas can swim

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  • Benefits of Genetically Modified Organisms

    Benefits of Genetically Modified Organisms

    Benefits of Genetically Modified Organisms We live in a world that is constantly changing and advancing thanks to technological advancements, especially in the field of molecular genetics. Today, we are discovering and implementing new ways to overcome the ill-fated symptoms developed as a result from poor health or accidents. We

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  • Benefits of Massage Therapy

    Benefits of Massage Therapy

    The Benefits Of Massage Therapy Physiological,Psychological,Wholistic and Mechanical By Stephen Wayne-Smith _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The benefits of massage therapy for a client are extensive. Not only does the client benefit from a purely physical perspective, but the psychological and spiritual advantages are numerous. The concept of true health resulting from a

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  • Benefits of Nasa

    Benefits of Nasa

    Since the beginning of time there have always been those that have opposed exploration of uncharted lands. This statement holds truth also for the NASA program since the beginning when President John F. Kennedy's vision was to 'land a man on the moon by the end of the decade.'

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  • Benefits of Soy

    Benefits of Soy

    David Thai Benefits of Soy It is said Soy has many nutritional benefits when it comes to males and females. The many compounds it provides for us are known to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer (web 1). These are just a couple of the

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  • Benefits of Stem Cell Research

    Benefits of Stem Cell Research

    Benefits of Stem Cell Research Medical research has brought to the world many great improvements: cures for numerous types of illnesses, pain medications, and an infinite number of things that have changed the way people look at the scientific side of medical research. Along with the remarkable breakthroughs of medical

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