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  • Pigs


    In the southern English colonies around Chesapeake Bay and in the Carolinas, the first settlers built wooden houses with structural posts placed directly in the earth. These houses were highly susceptible to rot and attack by termites, and none remain. A few ostentatious brick houses meant to display wealth have

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  • Piranhas


    Anyone can keep fishes , no matter how small their home , and they are particularly suitable for apartment-dwellers , especially those in highrise blocks where the keeping of other pets may be impractical or even prohibited . There are other advantages too ; Fish won't need exercising , They

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  • Pitcher's Case

    Pitcher's Case

    In pitching, there are three main factors that determine the effectiveness of a fastball: velocity, control, and movement. Control will come from throwing bullpens, and movement is natural. Velocity is the hardest to increase, but I will tell you how to do it. In the game of softball, pitching is

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  • Pituitary Surgery

    Pituitary Surgery

    I will give you a brief overview of the history of pituitary surgery. Sir Victor Horsley was the first surgeon to operate on a pituitary adenoma 1889 This is his drawing of the middle fossa approach that was used.Later he also used a subfrontal approach.His mortality rate was 20 %

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  • Plague


    The Enterobacteriaceae are a large family of bacteria, including many of the more familiar pathogens, such as Salmonella and Escherichia coli. Genetic studies place them among the Proteobacteria, and they are given their own order (Enterobacteriales), though this is sometimes taken to include some related environmental samples. Members of the

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  • Planet Comparison - Uranus and Neptune

    Planet Comparison - Uranus and Neptune

    Planet Comparison Report Uranus: Uranus was discovered in 1781 by Sir William Herschel. He at first wanted to name the planet Sidus Georgium which is latin for George's star after the king of England. Another astronomer Johann Bode advised Herschel against it and suggested instead that he use a

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  • Planet Warming

    Planet Warming

    AN INTRODUCTION According to the National Academy of Sciences, the Earth's surface temperature has risen by about 1 degree Fahrenheit in the past century, with accelerated warming during the past two decades. There is new and stronger evidence that most of the warming over the last 50 years is attributable

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  • Planetary Comparison

    Planetary Comparison

    Planetary Comparison Paper Properties of Earth Earth is the fifth largest planet in our solar system and the third planet from the Sun. Earth's diameter is 12,756.3 km. Earth's average distance from the Sun is 149,600,000 km, and Earth has one moon. Earth is comprised of rock and metals.

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  • Planning Coursework-Starch and Amylase

    Planning Coursework-Starch and Amylase

    PLANNING COURSEWORK- STARCH AND AMYLASE AIM The aim of this coursework is to investigate the effect of temperature change, on the rate of hydrolysis of starch catalysed by amylase. PREDICTION I think that as the temperature increases, the rate of reaction also increases, to a point when it dramatically decreases.

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  • Plant and Animal Cells

    Plant and Animal Cells

    I. Introduction All organisms in life are composed of at least one or more cells. Cells are the basic units of life. There are three main features of a cell. First, all organisms consist of one or more cells. Second, cells are the smallest units of life and third, cells

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  • Plant Cell

    Plant Cell

    Plant Cell Plant cells have many different parts that are need to work together and function as a whole. These parts are the cell membrane which can be compared to a "Condom" due to the fact that is a very thin protective layer that lets certain substances to pass

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  • Plant Cells Vs. Animal Cells

    Plant Cells Vs. Animal Cells

    Plant Cells vs. Animal Cells The plasma membrane is the outer membrane of a cell that is composed of a bilayer of phospholipids in which proteins are embedded. The plasma membrane allows certain things to enter the cell and other things not. A cell wall is a layer of material

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  • Plant Hormones

    Plant Hormones

    Plant hormones are specialized chemical substances produced by plants. They are the main internal factors controlling growth and development. Hormones are produced in one part of a plant and transported to others, where they are effective in very small amounts. Depending on the target tissue, a given hormone may have

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  • Plant Hormones: An Overview of There Functions

    Plant Hormones: An Overview of There Functions

    PLANT HORMONES: AN OVERVIEW OF THERE FUNCTIONS Submitted By: Kanika Calvin Submitted to: M. Manoharan, Ph.D Submitted: Fall 2005 INTRODUCTION Plant hormones (or plant growth regulators, or PGRs) are internally secreted chemicals in plants that are used for regulating their growth. According to a standard definition, they are signal

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  • Plant Propagation

    Plant Propagation

    When I was younger, I enjoyed working in the garden with my mother. Plants have been a part of my life since I was born. My mother has a huge garden, so I have spent many hours observing the way she plants and watching things grow. This interest and background

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  • Plant Ritual in My Life

    Plant Ritual in My Life

    I weighed only 6 pounds when I was born. Until 7th grade in middle school, I was always the first one in a row when my class lined up in order of height. I got sick often. It was not that I had suffered any particular disease but it was

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  • Plantain - Medicine That Treats Everything

    Plantain - Medicine That Treats Everything

    Plantain - Medicine that Treats Everything Throughout years, I was taught to believe that the best medicine is not a pill, but a folk medicine. The most common folk medicine in my culture was plantain. This herb meant to help in a variety of sicknesses. For instance, when I got

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  • Plants Pigment

    Plants Pigment

    Plant Pigments Aims The aim of the experiment is to determine the content of pigments (chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b) in spinach leaves and to test the pigments’ ability to absorb different wavelengths. Method Part 1: Estimation of the content of chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b in spinach leaves Approximately

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  • Plasma Membrane

    Plasma Membrane

    AP Biology 9/14/01 Plasma Membrane The fluid mosaic of a plasma membrane is made up of a semi permeable double barrier of phospholipids called a bilayer. A phospholipid is a phosphorus element with two fatty acids acting as tails. Due to the hydrophilic property of phosphorous, and the hydrophobic property

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  • Plasma Membrane

    Plasma Membrane

    The cell, which is the smallest unit of life, is surrounded by a plasma membrane. The plasma membrane functions somewhat like a wall, as it keeps the internal contents from the external environment. Just like a wall, the membrane is also somewhat permeable, except that the membrane takes a much

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  • Plastic Surgery

    Plastic Surgery

    Peale, R. Live Longer Better. New Jersey: Englewood Cliffs. This book shows different ways on how to fight obesity. It provides different suggestions on how people can stay and live a healthy life. Shortt, J. (2004, December). Obesity- a public health dilemma. AORN Journal. This article talks about the rapid

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  • Plastic Waste Materials Research Paper

    Plastic Waste Materials Research Paper

    Producing Petroleum Oil of Plastic Table of Contents Title Page ……………….. i Acknowledgement ……………….. ii Table of Contents ……………….. iii List of Table ……………….. iv List of Appendices ……………….. v Introduction ……………….. 1-2 Statement of the Problem ……………….. 2 Hypothesis ……………….. 2 Significance of the Study ……………….. 2-3 Scope and

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  • Plastics


    INTRODUCTION TO PLASTICS A material that contains as an essential ingredient one or more organic polymeric substances of large molecular weight, is solid in its finished state, and, at some stage in its manufacture or processing into finished articles, can be shaped by flow. It smells similar like new polyethylene

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  • Plate Tectonics

    Plate Tectonics

    Plate Tectonics By; Jason Caruso Period: 6 The beginnings of the theory of plate tectonics date to around 1920, when Alfred accounts of how today's continents were once a large supercontinent that slowly drifted to Wegener. The German meteorologist and geophysicist, presented the first detailed the positions there at

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  • Plate Tectonics

    Plate Tectonics

    is a therory of which was developed to explain the observed evidence for large scale motions of the earths crust The theory surpassed the older theory of continetial drift from the first half of the 20th century and the concept of sea floor spreading developed during the 1960s. earth interior

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  • Plate Tectonics

    Plate Tectonics

    The oceans are a vast part of Planet Earth, taking up 75% of the surface. Though that is a clear and known fact the oceans hold more than just that. Within the realm of the ocean underlying to a depth of which we cannot see, some of the oceans great

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  • Plate Tectonics and the Scientific Method

    Plate Tectonics and the Scientific Method

    Plate Tectonics and the Scientific Method The scientific method is a method used in certain fields of study to confirm or disprove of what is being looked at. It is a way of knowing and attempting to understand something that may seem out of our reach. This method can be

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  • Plate Tectonics Explained

    Plate Tectonics Explained

    The interior structure of Earth is chemically divided into an outer solid crust, the mantle, a liquid outer core, and a solid inner core. The core is largely composed of iron, along with nickel and silicon. Other lighter elements are usually in the crust. The core is divided into two

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  • Play in Obesity Prevention

    Play in Obesity Prevention

    Saturday, October 22, 2011 Nutrition 1322 Class of Saturday 8:00am to 11:20am Abstract II: What Role Can Child-Care Settings Play in Obesity Prevention? A Review of the Evidence and Call for Research Efforts Purpose: The study was made for the purpose of promoting healthy eating and physical activity, and for

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  • Playing God-Genetic Testing

    Playing God-Genetic Testing

    Considering the ethical challenges created by genetic research findings, former U.S. President Bill Clinton said, "As we consider how to use new discoveries, we must also not retreat from our oldest and most cherished values.... Increasing knowledge of the human genome must never change the basic belief on which our

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