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Air Pollution

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This Place is Polluted

Imagine waking up to a world where the air seems as thick as a cement wall; the sky has almost a dirty look to it and people everywhere are starting to develop respiratory problems. Well that day is today! Cities across the world and especially in the United States are being polluted. There is so much garbage in this world that we are running out of places to throw it. They keep trying to find new ways to make plants better and even try to change the way people can be as well. The air is getting more dense and toxic every year and the ozone layers are being depleted and the plant life is taking a beating.

Much of the forestry in Europe and America has had a mass amount genetic structure difference due to air pollution. Air pollutants play a huge role the natural selection of forest ecosystems, since many chemicals in air pollution are toxic to many plants (Scholz 29). Even though air pollution is growing rapidly, it was actually a problem for ore smelters in the early to mid 1900's (Scholz 31).

30% of the earth's land mass is that of land and around fifty percent of the world's carbon stocks are found in trees (Development in Environmental Science). Air pollution even causes problems with pollination of various plants due to sensitivity. The pollution directly affects the reproduction during pollination, since tube growth is such a sensitive indicator (Cox 77). Not only are the forests at risk but our ozone is being depleted as well. Many believe that carbon dioxide rates are increasing it our atmosphere as well as increasing rates of nitrogen which is caused mainly by the burning of fossils

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There is also becoming more Troposphere ozone, which would suppress the growth of plants and other animals that require carbon dioxide (Development in

Environmental Science 60). "Ozone and related oxidants are estimated to be responsible for about 95% of the annual $130 million crop loss caused by air pollutants in the United States (American Chemical Society 39). I you expose to many phytotoxic air pollutants to a plant it could harm the photosynthesis process (ACS 40). Whether an increase in CO2 or and increase in temperature is harmful or beneficial, we need to find out more about the causes and solutions. It is also likely that when the temperature raises that there will be an increase



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