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  • Funeral Speech

    Funeral Speech

    Friendships are some of the most treasured things in poeples lives and for those who dont know me my name is Meaghan. I had the pleasure of growing up with Mo for 15 years, so excuse me when i dont say maureen. I have loved her, and hated her at

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  • G-D's Relationship with Avraham

    G-D's Relationship with Avraham

    There are many biblical scholars in this world that believe in the JEDP theory when the Old Testament should be looked at as one literary whole. The JEDP theorists believe that the Old Testament was compiled by four different sources; the Yahwist, Elohist, Deuteronomist, and Priestly sources. There are many

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  • Galahad as a Christ Figure

    Galahad as a Christ Figure

    Very few people can call themselves a Christ figure. There are so many elements that go into being a Christ figure. Galahad had all those elements. He was enraptured, he saw "the wonders of the Holy Grail", and he had disciples. Also, he made life better for human beings

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  • Galileo Galilei

    Galileo Galilei

    Galileo Galilei discussed the problem of interpreting biblical passages with regard to scientific discoveries In a Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina. What motivated him to write this letter was the issue of science against physical proof in the Bible. Galileo’s opposers valued opinions and past beliefs more than truth,

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  • Ganapati


    It is an established custom in Indian society, to start any activity with the worship of Lord Ganapati, the elephant faced god, considered to be the elder son of Siva. He is also known by various other names such as Ganesa, Vinayaka etc. When we turn our gaze seeking references

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  • Gandhi


    "Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust consume and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust consumes and where thieves do not break in and steal." (Matthew 6:19) I believe that the

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  • Gandi Teachings Reflection

    Gandi Teachings Reflection

    It is natural for people to want things, but if we let our wants get out of hand, things can result in conflict. If we were to eliminate want, we would eliminate suffering in the following ways. Everyone would become equal and there would be no more fighting. If everyone

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  • Ganesha


    Ganesha is one of the most popular deities within the Hindu religion. He is the first icon that is placed in any family home because it is believed that he will help with the family's pprosperity and success. Ganesha is "worshipped in millions of households throughout India." People turn to

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  • Ganhi


    I am purely amazed by the astonishing personal revolution by which a simple inarticulate man transformed himself into the Mahatma, who ushered the British Empire out of India without even firing a shot. In the age of Empire and Military might he proved that the powerless had power and

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  • Gates of the Forest & Malc X

    Gates of the Forest & Malc X

    Throughout the existence of civilizations there have been many horrifying and destructive events that have caused great pain and anguish for millions of people and generated different views and beliefs to the populations of the world. Elie Wiesel is a survivor of the Holocaust which was one of the most

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  • Gay Marriage - Why Not?

    Gay Marriage - Why Not?

    Why Not? Same sex marriage in today's world Many people believe that same-sex marriage will destroy or diminish the righteousness of marriage between a man and a woman. It is my true belief that same-sex marriage will have negative effects only on people who are extremely religious, or extremely afraid.

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  • Gay Marriage and Religion

    Gay Marriage and Religion

    Although the gay marriage topic has been pretty hot this year and during the Presidential debate, it has been around for a while, but people tended to ignore it. In contrast, today the topic has gained national attention. Not only has it been an interesting topic to look at in

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  • Genesis


    When preparing to study the Bible, beginning in Genesis, it seems only fitting to begin at the beginning of the beginning. Yes, the book of Genesis contains profoundly more information than just the beginning. Genesis contains the beginning of many things. The world, the beginning of time, the beginning of

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  • Genesis


    It seems that the first passage 1:1-2:4a is about the creation of Earth and the Heavens in seven days. And it appears that the second passage 2:2b-24 describes the creation of Adam and Eve. In comparison of the two passages they both talk about rest. Life always begins with rest.

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  • Genesis 22

    Genesis 22

    Throughout the Old Testament, God poses many challenges for people both in the sense of entire nations to individuals as well. In each instance there was a purpose for the challenges. Sometimes God was looking to see how people would act and follow laws and other times he wanted to

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  • Genesis Chapter 1 - Origins Reflection

    Genesis Chapter 1 - Origins Reflection

    ICEY GROUP CWV-101 MWF:9:50 9/23/18 Professor Wilder Origins Reflection In the beginning of Genesis chapter 1 describes god being the creator of the earth. In Group Icey [a]each individual explains how the universe came to be and everything that was came along to be created[b]. There are three main topics

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  • Genesis Summary

    Genesis Summary

    1. Luther meant that the Bible is what holds the words of God and Jesus and cradles the words of Jesus. 2. The Bible is described as a "library of books" because it talks about many different things and has many different messages. Even though all the books have different

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  • Genesis: The Creation Week

    Genesis: The Creation Week

    GENESIS: the creation week Introduction * This presentation is about the book of Genesis in the Old Testament. Its main purpose will be to educate you, the audience on hermeneutics, the literal and contextual interpretations of the creation story, as well as the history, author, date and importance of the

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  • Genetic Research

    Genetic Research

    Genetic Research There are many types of genetic research that are being studying and utilized throughout the world today. There are many ethical and moral issues that arise when discussing genetic research and they have created a heated debate among the many religious faith traditions and their teachings. Perhaps the

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  • Gensis Exodus Numbers Summeries

    Gensis Exodus Numbers Summeries

    GENESIS: 1-2: God simply created everything, the Heavens and Earth. The created teaches us that God is creative and he is in control of all. Then he created man in his image, and told then to be fruitful. He provided everything we and the animals needed to live. There was

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  • Gilgamesh


    Gilgamesh Different religions have very opposing views on how a god relates to a human. In Christianity, of course, God is all powerful, but the religion such as in The Epic of Gilgamesh is quite different. Not only are there more than one god, but each of the gods play

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  • Gilgamish


    The epic yarn Gilgamesh leaves me somewhat discouraged when I finished the book. This pessimistic ending is not the happy ending I was expecting to see considering the tragedies throughout of the rest of the story. The entire last part of the book, starting with Enkidu's death, is nothing but

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  • Girl, Interrupted Case

    Girl, Interrupted Case

    Girl, Interrupted This is a film written about a group of individuals who have been diagnosed with various classifications of illness. There are multiple individual diagnoses' concerning problems that need specialized care and treatment in order to help individuals attain stability through corrective modification therapies and to cope with what

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  • Globalization and the Christian Covenant

    Globalization and the Christian Covenant

    There is a famous children's game called telephone, the object of the game is that one person starts a message and it is whispered to the next person and so on. By the end of the entire sequence, the message is generally mixed up and often makes almost no sense

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  • Gnosticism


    GNOSTICISM Gnostic background Gnosticism is a term that has derived from the Greek word "gnosis" which means divine knowledge (Kheper 1B). Also known as Gnostics they were a religious organization that was around in the first and second centuries CE (Hermetic). Gnosticism is believed to first surface in the late

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  • Gnosticism


    Gnosticism is a much maligned and little understood discipline. Many believe that it is an extinct Christian heresy. In fact, it actually predates Judaism and Zoroastrianism. The most ancient Gnostic text that is available to us today was unearthed in the excavation of the ancient cities of Sumeria in what

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  • God - the Meaning of God

    God - the Meaning of God

    Let me start by saying straightforwardly that the meaning of God is God himself. We must look at the meaning of God in God himself, not "outside" him. God is the fundamental meaning for the existence of the Universe, the creator, the supreme One: that is why everything exists. Why

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  • God and Future of Amercia

    God and Future of Amercia

    Peter Martino Expos Paper God is an all seeing, all hearing, and all knowing being that no one has really ever been in direct contact with. For skeptics that is enough to make an unbeliever, yet, with all of the resurrections, walking on water, and visions of the Virgin Mary

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  • God and His Goodness

    God and His Goodness

    The cheerful girl with bouncy golden curls was almost five. Waiting with her mother at the checkout stand, she saw them: a circle of glistening white pearls in a pink foil box. "Oh please, Mommy. Can I have them? Please, Mommy, please!" Quickly the mother checked the back of the

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  • God and Sports

    God and Sports

    After organized worship, athletic competition is perhaps the oldest communal impulse known to mankind, and today sports and religion mirror each other as never before, experts say. "Super Bowl Sunday" on Feb. 6, 2005, is a case in point: a Sabbath-day event that will bring thousands to a contemporary cathedral

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