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Genesis Chapter 1 - Origins Reflection

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Essay Preview: Genesis Chapter 1 - Origins Reflection

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Origins Reflection

In the beginning of Genesis chapter 1 describes god being the creator of the earth. In Group Icey [a]each individual explains how the universe came to be and everything that was came along to be created[b]. There are three main topics as a group we[c] discuss separately that shows each of our understanding how earth was made. In the first topic we all cover how man was created and how valuable human life is to God. Then we also move to explain our own interpretations on how we think the universe was originated from the very beginning using examples of how old the world is and speaking on evolution and our views. Therefore, all of these ties down to our personal worldviews and how it impacts us on what we each understand as a person.

Tameliyah Vann

For the first two chapters in Genesis according to the bible and CWV class th[d]e Bible talks about how God is the creator of the universe and how man was made. He created both the heavens and the earth in the beginning. In the beginning of Genesis [e]describes the way beginning of God creating Earth[f]. Meanin[g]g that he created everything we[h] know today in a 6 24-hour day period (CWV Lecture, 101) Then “God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done” (Genesis 2:3). In those six days, creation of the universe was made in which “god separated light from darkness” this “creating day and night” (Genesis 1:4-5). Then God created the sky above and water below, the land, the sun and moon, animals in the air and water which later he made animals on land. Lastly on the six day he made humankind named Adam, a man who he wanted the Image of God to be seen in, God took Adam and placed him “in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it”( Genesis 2:15) and god then gave rules to Adam, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; ”(Genesis 2:16-17). [i]However, God realized this man should not live alone and that he would need more than just animals on land for company. So, Eve was created a woman who showed skin and love. Her appearance was the result of A[j]dam splitting in half (CWV Lecture,101). God have given both this male and female high order in which they were placed in the Garden of Eden to tend and keep watch while still listening and obeying god’s commands. The Garden of Eden was a place where god and his people lived and was presented as the temple of god's throne. To honor god and his commands were the task of these people and Adam and Eve were both told by god things that would keep them alive such as, you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.” (Genesis 2:17)[k].

My interpretation of the origin of the universe goes with the bible and the Young Earth View on how the universe was created in 6 24-hour days that earth is only 6-8 years old (CWV Lecture,101). I believe that there was a beginning of it like many other Christians believe there was. Believing that everything was created in 6 days by god and on the 7th[l] day we worship him. Christians work and learn how to survive on these 6 days and on the seventh day they worship god and thank him. As a Christian, I accept God's work and creation and know that everything till[m] this day is from him. I also accept God and all that he created, by creating a relationship with him meaning my goals which I know was given life to fulfill it. [n]I was raised this way and have learned a lot from the bible and the world while growing up. In my Christian Worldview 101 class by Professor Wilder, the discussions we hold of how the universe was created and which views are based on the creation of the universe have come much clearer to me. There is no other way to believe how this world was made as a true Christian I walk in the path god gave me so soon I can walk by him. I personally believe that the origin of the universe is still a discussion that will always be ongoing, with views from Old Earth and Theistic Evolution there are always going to be questions on how the universe was originated as both believe in different starting points of the universe but believe that God was included in it.

My question on the origin of the universe circles around my world worldview on why am I here and from where?  As I am still growing up and learning new things I am still trying to find my relationship with god and understand it. I would like to know that whatever I do believe in if my worldview will stay the same. Growing up in my household it was a very strong Christian relationship my family had with church and I am grateful for having the opportunity learning about it. I believe that God is the origin of everything on earth. I know he created heavens and the earth, so I know my answer to my questions are that that god created mankind and that everyone born shares the same in which we all have the same image of god in each other. Even though I believe that God created the heavens and the earth, I know that he is the center of everything around us in this world. My purpose is to live this world as I can and if sins are made then to learn from them. I live my life here on earth and then I will be in heaven with my lord. I believe in Jesus as the father, son, and holy spirit and will continue to follow him. Now being in college and at a Christian university my education has made many things questionable. In the end, I do believe in God and know that he will accept me no matter what the situation is. As a Christian I am focused on having that personal relationship with my lord and my beliefs on how I view this world all tie down with my worldview.


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Sheine Coloma

For the first two chapters in Genesis, The Bible talks about the beginning of God’s creation. Then, at the end he created the man. He wanted to make sure everything is perfect. Therefore, when the man is made, they would follow the image of God. However, the word “creation” in God’s creations has a deeper meaning or literal interpretation. It symbolizes the Image of God that he wants every human being to follow. Everything is about a choice, and everyone must know what to take hold in their lives to follow the right path. This is the message of Genesis in the first and second chapter. There’s[p] nothing else but choosing to follow his words in his creation, because God views the world with perfection. And[q] he wants us[r] to do the same thing- to do good deeds and have that relationship with him just like the reason why he made Eve for Adam in Genesis 2. However, humans have the decision to obey or disobey his words. What it means by disobeying his words is following the darkness (becoming a sinful person). Therefore, during his creation on the first three days, the Bible said “God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness.”(Genesis 1:4). He separated the light from the darkness to separate the good from evil. Other people might have different interpretation on what’s written in the Bible, but everyone should understand that every human being have different thoughts and opinion. The words written in the Bible could be seen as poetic or just in general understanding that God created everything by reading the word itself. This explains why every human being have different beliefs, because each person has different interpretations.



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