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Gensis Exodus Numbers Summeries

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1-2: God simply created everything, the Heavens and Earth. The created teaches us that God is creative and he is in control of all. Then he created man in his image, and told then to be fruitful. He provided everything we and the animals needed to live. There was morning and evening on the sixth day. On the seventh and final day of creation God rested. I think this means we also need rest. He made a helper for man and then was women from the rib of Adam. God gave the gift of marriage to Adam and Eve. They were both naked and felt no shame.

3-5. The serpent asked Eve if God really said they couldn't eat from any tree in the garden. Eve said we can eat fruit but not the fruit from the tree in the middle. Satan tries too make Eve think sin was good. Eve sins then they are both shameful of their nakedness. Adam blames Eve for the sin when Gods asked him. God kicks them out of the garden. This introduces good and evil into the world. Eve gave birth to Cain and Abel. Adam and Eve had to work for things now, unlike in the garden. Cain kills Abel out of jealously. It says in 4:17, Cain has a wife??? Where did she come from? Was it his sister or cousin, because it say God told Adam and Eve to fill the earth. So were they related? Has a lot of names and ages that relate Adam to Noah. How did these people live so long? After Noah was 500 years old he became father of Shem, Ham and Japheth. I think this profess that all of mankind is related. Mankind is a family of one flesh one blood.

6-11: The "son of God" came down and married daughters. Some think they were fallen angels but angels can get married or have relations. The lord gave Noah 120 years to change. Then Noah builds the arch. He tells him to get 2 of every animal, a male and a mate. Tells him in seven days they will be rains and a flood. Was the flood local or universal, I think we talked about that enough in class. After 40 days Noah sent the bird out and it came back with positive report. God says "Never again will I curse the ground because of man..." Then God makes a covenant with the people. That it won't happen again. It says that this is the account of Shem, Ham and Japheth, Noah's sons. The Japhetites, Hamites, and Shemites. They spread out over the land after the flood. Who was Nimrod? This is the story of the tower of Babel. It sounds like to me that the tower would have been a wonder to see, maybe one of the first wonders of the world that mankind built. The tower was supposed to reach the heavens.

12-15: Lord toward Abram to leave his country and travel to the land he will show him. Abram left and Lot went with him, as the Lord had asked of him. Abram went to Egypt and said his wife was his sister so they would let him live, because she was very pretty. But the Pharaoh and his people got sick and sent Abram on his way with all of the pharaoh's stuff. Lot and Abram were starting to fight so they decide to part ways.

Abram comes and rescues Lot. This is where God's Covenant with Abram happens. God gave him a lot of land. This was a huge promise and a lot of responsible for Abram.

16-25: This is the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. There is the birth and near sacrifices of Isaac. This shows and proves God's love, sometimes you just have to trust him. Abraham remained faithful to God. It tells about the story of Isaac and Rebekeh. And then Abraham dies.

25-28: The story of Isaac, he didn't demand his own way. He did not resist when he was about to be sacrificed, he gladly accepted a wife chosen for him by others. Jacob gets Isaac's blessing.

29-36: These chapters are about Jacob, although he made mistakes Jacob story shows us that if we work hard for God thinks will be alright in the end. Jacob starts a family. Then Jacob returns home. An important thing to note is that he never gave up easily.

37-50: This part is about Joseph and his amazing story. He is sold into slavery by his own brothers. Then thrown in jail in Egypt but then works his way into being in charge of the country by getting on the Pharaohs good side. His brothers come to Egypt to find their brother in charge. They came to trade and barter because of the condition during the time were rough. Jacobs's family moves to Egypt. Then Jacob and Joseph die in Egypt.


1-12: Israelites were slaves in Egypt for 400 years, God heard they cries and helped them. Moses was born, but his mother couldn't



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