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Guided Analysis: Suffering Worksheet

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Guided Analysis: Suffering Worksheet

Address the following questions, responding to each one directly below the question. Your total word count (including all questions and your answers) should be between 750-1,000 words. Include a reference page.

  1. Briefly summarize the problem of evil and suffering. Cite and reference Chapter 9 in the textbook.

Suffering and evil is a test after the fall of Adam and Eve, suffering and evil became part of human life. How we respond to it will decide whether we go to heaven or hell. Suffering helps us to develop and is needed for us to recognize good. It brings out the best in humans it allows us to show wisdom. This couldn't be achieved without suffering.

Of course, the reasons for suffering is to lead us to wisdom. God does care for our suffering that is why he wants us to bring our suffering to him. Some people wonder if it is still fair to let the world suffer due to the rebellion of Adam and Eve and why are Christians still suffering. Should those who have confessed their sins to God, repented for their wrong choices, and asked Jesus to save them still be suffering so much in this world today? (Sharpe, J). My belief is that Christians as well as the world are being tested.

  1. Briefly summarize the Christian worldview’s response to the problem of evil and suffering. Cite and reference the lecture and/or Chapter 9 in the textbook.

Christian worldview tells us what is evident form the fall is that evil exist in our world because we were created with free will. Which gave us the choice to serve God or serve ourselves (CWV-101 Lecture 6). Now with suffering and evil, we can maintain the knowledge of God it makes us realize who God is.

  1. Imagine that a close friend has just suffered through a great personal loss (death of a loved one, natural disaster, disease, job loss, divorce, or a broken relationship) and your friend asks you why God would let such a terrible thing happen. How would you respond to your friend?

We all have our trial and tribulations that will make us stronger and just like Job in the Bible look what all he endured. Not once did he accuse God of anything but he continued to pray and trust in God why because he was being tested. God already knows our heart and if we believe and trust in him. He will continue to test us until we pass our test this is the reason for our trials and tribulations.


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