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  • Freedom: The Expression of Faith and Reason

    Freedom: The Expression of Faith and Reason

    "The nature of the human being is to seek truth. This truth may be partial, empirical or scientific. Human beings also search for the ultimate meaning in life. To acquire both of these goals, reason and faith are essential to arrive at a conclusion." This statement can be proved to

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  • Freewill Through the Eyes of Stace

    Freewill Through the Eyes of Stace

    Freewill Through the Eyes of Stace I can most relate with Stace's views on freewill. I feel that the freewill argument is more about definition and the word's true meaning. I also agree with his statement of, "if there is no free will there can be no morality." Stace believes

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  • French Philosopher - Rene Descartes

    French Philosopher - Rene Descartes

    Knowledge French philosopher Rene Descartes doubted in such a way that, he hoped, would pave the way for the end of doubt and the beginning of absolute certainty. He had discovered by painful experience that much of what he has been taught and has taken for granted is false (Pojman

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  • French Streets

    French Streets

    Something about sunsets light fires in my soul. I don’t know if it’s the burst of colors or the fact that the sun is literally kissing the Earth goodnight, but I do know that it makes me feel inspired. It makes me want to pause everything and keep time

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  • Freud's View of Civilization

    Freud's View of Civilization

    Freud's view of civilization emerges from his understanding of the struggle between Eros and Death. Freud expresses the existence of two contrary instincts, Eros and Death, via starting from the speculations on the beginning of life and biological parallels. While Eros preserves the living substance and joins it into larger

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  • Fried Chicken

    Fried Chicken

    1. The five-force analysis suggests that KFC faces a very active and rigorous competition. Ð'* There is extreme rivalry in the fast food industry. There are more then a hundred other fast food businesses that KFC competes with. Ð'* Statistics show that there is always threat of new competition as

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  • Friendship According to Epicurus

    Friendship According to Epicurus

    Epicurus, generally an egotistical hedonist, strays away from that characteristic when he discusses the issue of friendship. As a hedonistic philosopher, he believed that one's life should be devoted to the pursuit of pleasure, especially pleasure in regards to the senses. Anything that causes pleasure is good therefore worth pursuing.

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  • Friendship and Aristotle

    Friendship and Aristotle

    The world of friendship has evolved into a different species. No longer can you regularly hold a deep conversation with ease. This is due to the changes in human nature and the means with which we communicate. Many people have shifted their nature in order to strive for their "dreams"

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  • Friendship Without Justice

    Friendship Without Justice

    Friendship Without Justice In Aristotle's book, The Nicomachean Ethics, he believes that if we have friendship, there is no need for justice. Aristotle is saying this in the quote; "Friendship seems too to hold states together, and lawgivers to care more for it than justice; for concord seems to be

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  • From Christianity to Capitalism and Back - the Story of a Homeless Man

    From Christianity to Capitalism and Back - the Story of a Homeless Man

    From Christianity to Capitalism and Back: The Story of a Homeless Man An Essay Within the past couple of centuries, the man of the developed western society has found himself within the doorsteps of a new world that would not include the old promise of an everlasting shelter, which would

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  • Frued Theory Without Science

    Frued Theory Without Science

    Theory Without Science Sigmund Freud, the father of Psychoanalysis, began his new and far reaching psychological theory during the spring of 1896 which expanded to many different arenas not yet explored by other theorists of his time. Much of Freud's work revolved around the unconscious mind, sexual inhibitions, and an

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  • Fulfilling Your Dreams: The Magic of Starting

    Fulfilling Your Dreams: The Magic of Starting

    Fulfilling your dreams will remain a mirage if you simply sit down and dream on. You may have a dream of attaining financial freedom to go after your dreams, instead of doing what you have to do, to get bills paid and put food on the table. You think about

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  • Fulfillment


    Fulfillment is Gained Through Philosophical Thought The ability to think philosophical is the ability to truly understand and know ones surroundings and everything that influences those surroundings to the degree that that knowledge becomes the ultimate understanding and appreciation of the surroundings without question. With this ultimate understanding, a philosopher

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  • Functionalism


    Functionalism agrees that brain states are responsible for mental states, but disagrees that they are identical with them. To do this, functionalists argue that neurological states or brain activity help to realize mental states, which then lead to behavior. This argument proposes that brain states are "low level" activities that

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  • Functionalism


    Functionalism is defined as philosophical view of mind according to which mental processes are characterized in terms of their abstract functional (opr computational) relationships to one another, and to sensory inputs and motor outputs. More generally, functionalism states that mental states just are the causal role between inputs and outputs.

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  • Fundametalism and Christianity

    Fundametalism and Christianity

    Fundamentalism and Christianity "What is considered Ð''right' in a religion? Can a religion change with the times? Should Christians be allowed to wear revealing clothes, or is that a form of disobedience and disrespect?" These are all questions that one might wonder when researching modern day fundamentalists and their ties

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  • Funding a United States Space Program

    Funding a United States Space Program

    Funding a United States Space Program It is imperative that the United States government should put forth a better initiative regarding our flailing national space programs, and increase their budgets considerably, stressing modification on its goals, modification of its resources, and for overall further advancement of its scope and capability.

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  • Galileo's Sentencing to Prison

    Galileo's Sentencing to Prison

    Galileo Galilei was born in 1564 in Pisa, Italy. At a young age his family moved to Florence where he grew up. At about the age of 33, Galileo begins to believe in the Copernican or heliocentric model of the universe as opposed to the Ptolemaic or geocentric model. Galileo

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  • Garrett Hardin: Lifeboat Ethics

    Garrett Hardin: Lifeboat Ethics

    Garrett Hardin argues for a very harsh thesis: we simply should not provide aid to people in poor countries. His argument is consequentialist: he claims that the net result of doing so would be negative -- would in fact be courting large-scale disaster. One of the things that we will

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  • Gas Price Analysis

    Gas Price Analysis

    Analysis Design and Assumptions In the evaluation of possible independent variables that may impact the dependant variable of vehicle sales, Nissan Vehicle Sales data for a representative Car (Sentra) and SUV (Xterra) was gathered for the cities of Nashville and New York by month for a 4 year period from

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  • Gay Marriage

    Gay Marriage

    Gay Marriage There seem to be Specific time in history where certain issues define the culture tension in a society. They become representative of large worldview and clearly emphasize the battle between divergent moral and spiritual perspectives. Homosexual marriage in the United States is one of these issues. In the

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  • Gay Marriage

    Gay Marriage

    The idea of gay marriage is what I would call a recent phenomenon. I say recent because it has only been in the past few years that activists in the country have become extremely vocal about legalizing gay marriage. What got the ball rolling was the first legally gay marriage

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  • Gay Marriage: With Liberty and Justice for All?

    Gay Marriage: With Liberty and Justice for All?

    Gay Marriage: With Liberty and Justice for All? At a time where a procedural republic is present, gay marriage is an issue that does not satisfy the ideal of liberty as self-choosing and unencumbered. However, this concern has become one of the most controversial subjects today because it violates the

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  • Gdsfsd


    dsfsCitain this January to take part in a seminar entitled "Building Bridges: Overcoming Obstacles in Christian-Muslim Relations". Tony Blair also praised these Christians and Muslims for coming together at the conference being hosted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, to promote post-September 11 dialogue. The is same George Carey

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  • Gemienschaft or Gesllschaft

    Gemienschaft or Gesllschaft

    Most individuals go to work everyday and hate the jobs they are doing. Throughout this sort essay it will become apparent as to why many people have felt and do feel that way. This essay will examine Marx's and Engles idea of private property, Marx's idea of alienated labor by

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  • Gender and Sexuality

    Gender and Sexuality

    Physical, mental and stereotypical aspects all contribute to construct what we as humans see as Gender. Gender denotes our identity sexually. Mentally we are Sexual and biologically we are sexual. Sexuality is the way we perceive gender in the world. Sexuality in the human way is the way we control

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  • Gender Steroetypes

    Gender Steroetypes

    Film, television and other media forms can all categorise their production marked by sets of conventions and characteristics that define the norm for that category. This is known as the genre which works as an important means of communicating information about the text the audience, drawing upon Ð''banks' of previous

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  • Gender Women Studies Journals

    Gender Women Studies Journals

    In John D'Emilio's "Captilism and Gay Identity" argues that gays have not always existed and is a product of history. I do not believe this because even if the identity of homosexuality did not exist the acts of it definitely did. Homosexuality is a product of both biological and environmental

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  • Genealogy of Morals by Nietzsche

    Genealogy of Morals by Nietzsche

    According to Nietzsche in this section, the good life consists of power and overcoming obstacles. The bad life comes from weakness. Nietzsche says that humans desire power and that anything proceeding from weakness is bad. Happiness comes from an increase in power and the weak are destroyed. He believes that

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  • General Essay on Buddhism - Life of the Buddha

    General Essay on Buddhism - Life of the Buddha

    General Essay on Buddhism Life of the Buddha Buddhism arose in northern India in the 6th century BCE. The historical founder of Buddhism, Siddharta Gautama (c.560-480 BCE) was born in a village called Lumbini into a warrior tribe called the Sakyas (from where he derived the title Sakyamuni, meaning 'Sage

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