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Freedom: The Expression of Faith and Reason

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Essay Preview: Freedom: The Expression of Faith and Reason

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"The nature of the human being is to seek truth. This truth may be partial, empirical or scientific. Human beings also search for the ultimate meaning in life. To acquire both of these goals, reason and faith are essential to arrive at a conclusion." This statement can be proved to be objectively valid. However, it is necessary to delve into the essence of faith and reason and their relationship to come to this conclusion. Both of these factors are extremely important to the human yearning for truth. One must also examine the different levels of truth that we strive for.

Reason is the first essential part of the human search for truth. Since the beginning of time human beings have strived to learn about the world around them. They have yearned to discover the workings of the universe and all of its content. Reason is the first essential part of obtaining these truths. Reason is simply the ability to logically come to conclusions. It is based on the ability to think, the greatest ability of human beings.

Faith is the second essential part of the human search for truth. Faith is simply a rational awareness. It is used as a way to reinforce reason. One can use reason to obtain truth and can make significant process. However, one will eventually hit a "barrier". It is at this barrier that faith is necessary. One must be able to have an awareness of the concept of divinity to truly be able to logically reach any major truth.

Faith and reason are especially prominent in the human search for the meaning of life. It is in the search for this truth that we realize faith and reason are essential to reaching any sort of conclusion. First of all it is only through reason that one can reach an undeniable conclusion. Its simply not possible to discover any meaning behind life in the corporal world. One must look to the metaphysical world where something essential is required. That essential thing being faith. The only way that a human being can even fathom that there is a meaning to life is by coming to the conclusion that there must be a divine being. Thus, it is seen logically that faith and reason are needed to even begin to fathom the meaning of life. Even if that understanding is simply the understanding that there is a divine being and there is a supposed meaning to life.

The meaning of life is the greatest truth that we seek to understand. However, one can also prove that



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