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What Argument Does Crito Use to Convince Socrates to Leave??

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Essay Preview: What Argument Does Crito Use to Convince Socrates to Leave??

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What argument does Crito use to convince Socrates to leave??

Crito and some of his friends were willing to pay informants to keep whatever knowledge of Socrates escape secret. He also gave him the option of staying in Thessaly, and he assured him that he wouldn't be harmed there.

The main argument that Crito used in trying to convince Socrates, was by saying that in not trying to escape he would be betraying his own sons by going away and leaving them, and not educating them on what he knows. He called Socrates a coward for choosing the easiest way out, by not putting up a fight in the courtroom and also by just basically accepting his "fate" of being sentenced to death.

I believe that this "act" really exposes Socrates as a coward and a fool. Firstly I call him a coward, because to me he is to shame to admit that he could possibly wrong. He makes absolutely ridiculous points in trying to defend his actions. He came up with a totally hypothetical situation in which he gets caught by the guards, and he came to the conclusion, that by escaping he would be disobeying his parents, also those who brought him up. My problem with his conclusion, is that he spent a lot of his life disobeying and questioning everything he was thought, without any fear and all of a sudden he's afraid of the consequences of being caught, and he already has been sentenced to the ultimate penalty, death.

I call him a fool also because I believe that Crito is right when he said that he would be betraying his sons if he didn't try to escape. His reasoning that his kids being orphans should be on the conscious of the people that put him to death is highly irrational. What man would not make an effort to see about that well being of his children? Socrates could possibly be the world's first dead beat dad.

Socrates to me is a man who talks the talk and cannot

walk the walk. He holds himself in such high esteem over everyone else for no reason. Who boasts about not knowing something??? No one. He is betraying his friends and his family just to prove one of his self centered points.



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