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  • Is the American Dream Just a Dream?

    Is the American Dream Just a Dream?

    Is The American Dream Just A Dream? I think that the American Dream is a social ideal based on equality in social, political and economic rights and privileges. The constitution of this country suggests that every person who lives on American soil is free. In the United States' Declaration of

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  • Is the Idea of Public Service Broadcasting Still Relevant?

    Is the Idea of Public Service Broadcasting Still Relevant?

    Is the idea of Public Service Broadcasting still relevant? The broadcasting has undergone dramatic change in the past two decades. Facing new technologies (multi-channel, broadband and digital convergence), the future of public service broadcasting is now a crucial global concern. Innovative ways to access audiovisual content over the internet, mobile

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  • Is There a Criminal Underclass in American Society?

    Is There a Criminal Underclass in American Society?

    Is There a Criminal Underclass in American Society The notion of a criminal underclass within society is a complex matter. With the simple phrase comes a barrage of uncertainties and possibilities with much being written in recent decades on the subject. In fact the concept of an underclass has been

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  • Isabel


    Glancing at all the unfamiliar yet friendly faces that expressed apprehension or anticipation, my eyes quickly drew focus to a petite Hispanic girl. Sitting across the table in the diminutive vault below the Falvey Memorial Library she sat, unusually reserved at the commencement of the Composition class. Her face and

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  • Islam Women

    Islam Women

    Throughout the years in Islam there has been violence against the woman or polygamy in Islam. The men were allowed to have a various number of wives while the wives had to be covered in clothing to avoid temptations. The Muslim women dress in Veils or long scarves to hide

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  • Islamic Art

    Islamic Art

    Islamic Art Islamic art is perhaps the most accessible manifestation of a complex civilization that often seems enigmatic to outsiders. Through its brilliant use of color and its superb balance between design and form, Islamic art creates an immediate visual impact. Its strong aesthetic appeal transcends distances in time and

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  • Islamic Extremist Group Knows as Al-Qaeda

    Islamic Extremist Group Knows as Al-Qaeda

    It started out as a normal day until Mid-morning when terrorists decided to attack the United States of America on September 11, 2001. The terrorists were Islamic extremist group knows as Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda first attack the world trade center then they hit the pentagon then there was supposed to be

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  • Islamic Influence

    Islamic Influence

    History Islamic Influence I slam during the times of 622 to 1500 added many different changes. Though there where many different impacts I feel the strongest impacts dealt with religion, culture classes, and gender. The result of the culture and religion lead to the wars between Muslims and Christians also

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  • Islamic Philosophy

    Islamic Philosophy

    Introduction In, An Introduction to Islamic Philosophy (1999), University of Kentucky Philosophy Professor Oliver Leaman, focuses mainly on the two schools of Islamic philosophical thought that he believes are often overlooked by philosophers in the western world. These schools are the Sufi, also known as the mystical, school; and the

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  • Islamic Science

    Islamic Science

    Over the last decade growing numbers of Muslims have declared the Qur'an to be a book filled with alleged scientific miracles. Numerous web sites, books and videos have been produced that proclaim Islam to be truly a religion of divine origin, citing "scientifically accurate" statements in the Qur'an and Hadiths.

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  • Islamic Terrorism

    Islamic Terrorism

    With the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990's and the cold war over, the international community seemed to be on the threshold of an era of unprecedented peace and prosperity. Instead, a new series of problems was created, like ethnic conflicts, weapons proliferation, environmental problems, population growth,

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  • Isolation - a Soulution to Grief?

    Isolation - a Soulution to Grief?

    A sudden death of a dear one, or the loss of something that has great significance can lead to bereavement and grief. Grieving is a deep mental anguish that arises from remembrance of the loss of a loved one ( Different people cope with grief in different ways. Isolation proves

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  • Isreal Profile

    Isreal Profile

    Israel is a country located in southwest Asia. It is bordered by several countries and two bodies of water. To the west is Egypt which occupies the entire western border of Israel. The majority of the eastern border is occupied by the country of Jordan. To the north east is

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  • Issues and Trends in Policing: Police Vehicle Pursuits

    Issues and Trends in Policing: Police Vehicle Pursuits

    Issues and Trends in Policing: Police Vehicle Pursuits ABSTRACT There has been a lot of debate and news coverage about police pursuits over the last decade. These debates have ranged from whether police should pursue any vehicle for any reason to if pursuits are not conducted then the criminal element

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  • Issues on Returning to School

    Issues on Returning to School

    Issues Related to Returning to School What stimulated my interest in returning to school? One of my goals in life was to get my four year college degree. After I graduated with my AA degree, I concluded that "the learning bug has bitten me"! I wanted to continue my education

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  • It Is Time to Lower the Drinking Age to 18

    It Is Time to Lower the Drinking Age to 18

    LOWERING THE DRINKING AGE Anonymous UNV 103 February 25, 2018 Jessie Kernagis It Is Time to Lower the Drinking Age to 18 It Is Time to Lower the Drinking Age to 18 Binge drinking is responsible for more than 4,300 deaths in underage Americans each year (Underage Drinking, 2016). Every

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  • It's Not Too Late

    It's Not Too Late

    It is Not Too Late In today's world, we all run from our jobs to our families and try to eat what we can in between. Usually the food we choose is not healthy for us, but it is convenient. Modern farming practices have made it so that processed fast

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  • J. Edgar Hoover

    J. Edgar Hoover

    J. Edgar Hoover Former Senator Joseph McCarthy put it perfectly when he said, "Ð'... for the FBI is J. Edgar Hoover and I think we can rest assured that it will always be." (qtd. in Denenberg 7). J. Edgar Hoover is credited for reconstructing the Bureau of Investigations (later renamed

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  • Jackson's Descriptive Essay

    Jackson's Descriptive Essay

    You can't judges a book by its cover. The exterior of me is completely different from my interior. Some say I am a very complicated person. I don't like to show how I feel unless I am extremely agitated at someone, and then I will let you know how I

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  • Jacques-Louis David

    Jacques-Louis David

    Michael Edelman HST 313 3/28/2005 Caricature Paper Jacques-Louis David: Gouvernement Anglois (The English Government) Introduction: As one can expect from the very nature of political and social revolutions, there were some very unhappy people during the French revolution. The question here is why the French citizens of this time so

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  • Jamaica


    Tropical Paradise In a quaint little village tucked away on a beautiful Caribbean island, lays the seaside town of Runaway bay. A town filled with deep rooted culture on an island filled with welcoming natives. The pleasant vibes of reggae music and Rastafarian culture flow from the hills to the

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  • Jamba Juice

    Jamba Juice

    Nicholas Pantazelos Marketing Principles Jamba Juice Feburary/5/2002 Marketing often comes down to making your customers intelligent enough to buy your products or services. They have to understand what it is you're selling, how it'll help them, and how much better it is than any other solution. Jamba Juice is a

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  • James Greg

    James Greg

    around in the woods and stuff," she told me. It sounded easy enough, so I decided to try cross country. I had always liked to run, so I competed in order to get in shape for basketball. The first few days of practice, I did what I normally did, I

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  • James Montgomery Flagg

    James Montgomery Flagg

    James Montgomery Ward James Montgomery Flagg was born on June 18, 1887 in Pelham Manor, New York. As a child, Flagg loved sketching with pen and paper. In fact, his first published painting was at the age of twelve by the then popular magazine St. Nicholas Magazine. By the age

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  • Jane Eyre Case

    Jane Eyre Case

    My heart was broken a long time ago. You see,it wasn't the breakup itself, it was the steps leading to it. Nothing hurt me more than seeing the person I loved deteriorate to someone I could no longer recognize. To someone who was bound by society norms, someone who was

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  • Jane Goodall Speaking Critique

    Jane Goodall Speaking Critique

    On February 2, 2002, Dr. Jane Goodall appeared at Clemson University to speak to the students and public. I will attempt to evaluate her performance as a public speaker. Specifically, I will begin by describing the setting and audience for the event. I will then identify the ways in which

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  • Janelle and My Dream House

    Janelle and My Dream House

    Janelle and My Dream House As I approach the island on which my dream house awaits, I catch a quick glimpse of it. It is huge, and is the most noticeable building in the area. My private plane lands on the air strip next to the house. I get out

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  • Japan


    Table of contents: o General Information on Japan o Things to do and not to do about: - Appearance - Behavior - Manners - Communication - Gift Giving o Conclusion General Information on Japan Japan has a population of approximately 125 million people packed tightly into a rather small geographic

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  • Japan


    Your continued donations keep Wikipedia running!Ð' Ð' Ð' Ð' Japan From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search This article is about the country in East Asia. For other uses, see Japan (disambiguation). "本(国) Nippon/Nihon (koku) Japan Flag Imperial Seal Anthem: "Kimi Ga Yo (君が代)" (English: Imperial Reign) Capital

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  • Japan Economic Strength

    Japan Economic Strength

    Japan Economic Strength Japans economy is very good and it is very competitive in areas linked with trade and is one of the largest economies of the world. The reasons they have this is their unbelievable success in Exports. Japan exports cars, electronic devices and computers. Most important single trade

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