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AIDS is a acquired immune deficiency syndrome. HIV is a human immunodefiency virus.According to (AIDS. ORG) AIDS is the fifth leading cause of death among people between the ages of 25 and 44 in the United States. Also about 47 million people worldwide have been infected with the HIV virus. The beginning date of the AIDS epidemic is June 18, 1981. The U.S Center for Disease Control and Prevention discovered a cluster of pneumocystis carnii pneumonia. They found the virus in five gay men in the Los Angeles area in the early 1980's. The first three HIV infections known were a sample of an adult male plasma had the virus in it in 1959. An American teenager who died in St.Louis in 1969, HIV was found in his tissue samples. Also traces of the HIV virus was found in the tissue samples of a Norwegian sailor who died in 1976.

HIV is not that easy to be spread. There are several ways that the HIV virus can be transmitted by having unprotected vaginal, anal and oral sex. Having unprotected vaginal and anal is more riskier than having unprotected oral sex. Through mother to infant transmission. A pregnant women can transmit the virus to her fetus through their shared blood circulation. A nursing mother can also transmit it to her baby in her milk.

Also through the sharing of needles and blood. It's a very low risk that it can be transmitted through blood transfusions or the donation of organs. Blood banks and organ donor programs screen donors, blood, and tissue thoroughly. HIV is also said to be spread through kissing. Only if the if the infected person has open sores in the mouth but it's a very low risk.

HIV is a virus that attacks a special kind of immune system cell. But a damaged immune system not only can't fight off the HIV virus also other infections and cancers. Common symptoms are fevers, sweats (particularly at night), swollen glands, chills, weakness and weight loss. Common signs are the herpes simplex virus, ulcers in the mouth or genital area occurring very frequently. Tuberculosis, oral and vaginal thrush, yeast infections in the mouth or genital area. There are many more signs.

There are several ways to prevent the transmission of HIV. Start by reducing the number of sex partners if there are several. Use condoms to prevent contact to



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