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  • Flappers of the Roaring 20s

    Flappers of the Roaring 20s

    Flappers in the Roaring 20s The flappers were a great inspiration to all women around America. We have the rights that we do and are seen as individuals because of their role in changing the way women were viewed. I chose this topic because I am a feminist. I believe

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  • Flight History

    Flight History

    Flight can be traced back as far as 400 B.C. when Archytas, a Greek scholar, built a wooden pigeon that moved through the air. Several inventors made many attempts at flight but none succeeded. Such attempts include the omithopter, which was a machine that created lift by moving wings and

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  • Florence and the Renaissance Art Era

    Florence and the Renaissance Art Era

    Giotto, Cimabue, Donatello, MossaccioÐ'....these are a few artists of the Renaissance that impacted the era. With these artists a cult of genius began in the Renaissance. There was the Age of Exploration when Columbus "discovered" America in 1492, as well as Magellan's and other Europeans' discoveries around areas of Africa.

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  • Food in Afghanistan

    Food in Afghanistan

    Food in different countries can be very interesting. There are many different practices and preparations for different styles of food. In Afghanistan, everything is repaired by the woman. This is due to the fact that in their country, women are of a lesser value then men. This is all changing

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  • Foods That Influenced the World

    Foods That Influenced the World

    On November 25, we celebrated Thanksgiving. Most people had turkey and dressing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. While most people think of foods like pecan pie and cornbread stuffing as being southern in origin, they don't realize that what their eating has it's roots in the native American culture. I

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  • Football


    College Football 1950Notre Dame began the 1950s as the nation's number one team and owner of a 38Ð'-game unbeaten streak.The Irish labored to beat North Carolina in their opener, then lost for the first time in five years to visiting Purdue 28Ð'-14. The streak lasted from Sept. 28, 1946 to

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  • Football


    Quarterbacks Peyton Manning, Colts Carson Palmer, Bengals Drew Brees, Saints Marc Bulger, Rams Donovan McNabb, Eagles Tom Brady, Patriots Vince Young, Titans Jon Kitna, Lions Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks Tony Romo, Cowboys Eli Manning, Giants Brett Favre, Packers Jay Cutler, Broncos Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers Matt Leinart, Cardinals Philip Rivers, Chargers Jake

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  • Ford


    "Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young," Said Henry Ford to one reporter for the Work Employment Society. Ford was born on a prosperous farm in Springwells Township, now

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  • Foreign Affairs - a Closer Look at U.S. Policies and How They Affect the Developing World

    Foreign Affairs - a Closer Look at U.S. Policies and How They Affect the Developing World

    Foreign Affairs: A Closer Look at U.S. Policies and How They Affect the Developing World PSC- 410 Political Economy November 15, 2001 With the beginning of a seemingly endless war on terrorism, and a shaky United States economy, now hardly seems the time to examine our general policy towards all

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  • Fort Santiago

    Fort Santiago

    I've always seen the outside walls of Intramuros when I pass by Lawton in going to school and going home. But now, I had the real glimpse of its inside and most especially, Fort Santiago. Fort Santiago is located at the mouth of Pasig River and was a defense fortress

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  • Foundations of Education

    Foundations of Education

    Among the significant figures in the history of the American Educational System, few have had as much ideological and practical influence as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Horace Mann, John Dewy, and Johann Pestolazzi. Each altered the course of American education to a degree that the developments made during and after

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  • Four Styles of Roman Wall Painting and Mosaics

    Four Styles of Roman Wall Painting and Mosaics

    A. Mau, a German scholar, established four distinct styles of Roman wall painting at the sites of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Boscoreal, and other smaller sites covered with ash from the volcanic eruption at Mount Vesuvius. The styles begin with one direction, shift completely, and end on a more combined technique. Style

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  • France


    Movement A. Economic Description Compared to other countries, France's economy is the fourth largest in the world. France is a very industrialized nation, yet it has kept some of the cultural characteristics that contribute to its old-world charm. The economy is "exceptionally diversified" ("Economic Structure", 1). It produces everything from

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  • France


    France From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search RÐ"©publique franÐ"§aise French Republic Flag of France Flag Emblem of France Emblem Motto: LibertÐ"©, Ð"‰galitÐ"©, FraternitÐ"© (French: "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity") Anthem(s): La Marseillaise Location of France Capital Paris 48Ð'o52′N 2Ð'o19.59′E Largest city Paris Official language(s) French Government Unitary republic -

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  • France 1500

    France 1500

    1 France in 1500 At the beginning of the sixteenth century France was still only partially developed as a nation. She still lacked well-defined borders, a common language and a unified legal system. The eastern frontier, in so far as it existed at all, followed roughly the rivers Scheldt, Meuse,

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  • Francesco Pegolotti, Advice to Merchants Bound for Cathay (c. 1340)

    Francesco Pegolotti, Advice to Merchants Bound for Cathay (c. 1340)

    Guided Short Essay: Historical Document Analysis Name of the historical document: Francesco Pegolotti, Advice to Merchants Bound for Cathay (c. 1340) Part One: Identifying the Document 1. Who wrote it? Francesco Balducci Pegolotti 2. When is it from? From c.1340 Part Two: Making Sense of the Document 3. What is

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  • Francis Joseph of the Habsburg Empire

    Francis Joseph of the Habsburg Empire

    1. Francis Joseph became emperor in 1848 over the Habsburg domains and ruled until 1916. However, his reforms in his administration and government proved to be a weakness in the empire. The basic weakness of the empire was created in 1860, when Francis Joseph issued the October Diploma, creating a

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  • Francis of Assisi

    Francis of Assisi

    Francis of Assisi was a poor man who astounded and inspired the Church by taking the gospel literallyÐ'--not in a narrow fundamentalist sense, but by actually following all that Jesus said and did, joyfully, without limit and without a mite of self-importance. Francis was famous for his love of all

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  • Francis Pegamagobow

    Francis Pegamagobow

    Francis Pegamagabow The Second Battle of Ypres Corporal Francis Pegahmagabow or "Peggy" as his fellow soldiers called him was involved in many fierce battles. He joined the army at the first out break of the enemy in August 1914. He joined the 23rd regiment and shipped out to Europe February

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  • Francisco I. Madero

    Francisco I. Madero

    Franciso I. Madero The Rosary was born in the Property, Parras, Coahuila, in 1873. It belonged to a well-off family of agriculturists. It made studies of commerce in France and the United States. From 1904 it took part in political subjects of Coahuila. President of the Independent Democratic Party named,

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  • Frank Lloyd Wright; Falling Water

    Frank Lloyd Wright; Falling Water

    Frank Lloyd Wright Falling Water, 1934 Frank Lloyd Wright sends out free-floating platforms boldly over a small waterfall and anchors them in the natural rock. Something of the prairie house is here still. Designed in 1953, the home is built on a hexagonal grid and is constructed entirely of tidewater

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  • Frankenstein and Male Reproduction

    Frankenstein and Male Reproduction

    Frankenstein and Male Reproduction Mary Shelley's character of Dr. Victor Frankenstein in Frankenstein, The Modern Prometheus, is driven to madness by his envy of women and their ability to reproduce so much so that he tries to reinvent the nature of reproduction without the female with disastrous results. Dr. Frankenstein's

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  • Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

    Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

    Frankenstein by Mary Shelley The character named Victor in the book Frankenstein written by Mary Shelly is a likeable figure. His demeanor on the whole was very pleasant as he grew from a boy into an adult. Victornos passion for the sciences is very strong, and had stayed studious in

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  • Frankish Kingdom

    Frankish Kingdom

    The Frankish Kingdom was seen as a great military power in the time of Clovis. Early medieval Europe was primarily under the control of the Roman Empire. Syagrius, the king of the Romans and his son Aegidius were living in the city of Soisson when Clovis decided to show off

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  • Franz Ferdinand

    Franz Ferdinand

    Franz Ferdinand The heir of the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire that was brutally assassinated and who’s death was used as an excuse for war. Never has a war so vast been waged because of the death of one man. A man who would never allowed for war to take

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  • Fred


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  • Frederick Douglass

    Frederick Douglass

    It was once said that with great power comes great responsibility. It gives one great power to overcome great obstacles. Frederick Douglass adulthood was full of these great accomplishments because he thrived on his intellect, but it wasn't without hardcore struggles as a slave that fueled his passion to accomplish.

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  • Frederick Douglass and Adam Smith Together

    Frederick Douglass and Adam Smith Together

    As Frederick Douglass stepped into freedom on September 3rd, 1838, he put into physical motion the theories Adam Smith held about slavery and its role in the economy. Any previous shades of doubt that Douglass had about the stability of the North's economy was gone when Frederick Douglass witnessed the

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  • Fredrick Douglass

    Fredrick Douglass

    The purpose behind Fredrick Douglass's Narrative was to appeal to the other abolitionists who he wanted to convince that slave owners were wrong for their treatment of other human beings. His goal was to appeal to the middle-class people of that time and persuade them to get on board with

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  • Fredrick Taylor and Theory of Management

    Fredrick Taylor and Theory of Management

    Frederick Taylor Scientific Management Through Taylor's view of management systems, factories are managed through scientific methods instead of the use of the "rule of thumb" so widely used in the late nineteenth century, when Frederick Taylor devised his system of management and published the book "Scientific Management". The main elements

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