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  • Chinese Art

    Chinese Art

    Chinese Art The Chinese culture is a very interesting topic to learn about. They have many beliefs, customs and traditions that make them unique. Art was very important to the Chinese culture. It was a way to express or symbolize emotions. The Chinese display many different styles as well as

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  • Chinese Calligraphy

    Chinese Calligraphy

    Name: Ali Sarmad ID No: 51174501001 Dept: Computer Science & Software Engineering Coursename: Chinese Civilization an Introduction Chinese Calligraphy The word “calligraphy,” is derived from the Greek kalligraphía (beautiful writing), is something of a mistranslation of the Chinese term shufa (書法), which means “model writing,” Calligraphy, literally "beautiful writing," has

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  • Chinese Cultural Revolution

    Chinese Cultural Revolution

    Prologue The Cultural Revolution began quietly. On November 11, 1965, a Shanghai daily newspaper published a review of a four-year old play, Hai Jui Dismissed From Office. The review stated that the play's author, Peking Deputy Mayor Wu Han, had written an anti-socialist document calling for the destruction of socialism

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  • Chinese Culture

    Chinese Culture

    The communist government thought that the liberation of women, who make half the population of China, was necessary for China to have complete freedom (Heng). Child weddings were banned, concubines were outlawed and brothels were closed. Women were allowed to hold real jobs. Some went to night school, or worked

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  • Chinese Culture

    Chinese Culture

    Chinese Culture Wine Culture: Ð'* Origins of fermenting and drinking wine go far back Ð'* Ancestors used wine as libation to their forefathers to express reverence, or enjoy themselves while writing poetry or prose, or to toast their relatives and friends during a feast (occupies important place in culture and

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  • Chinese Empire: Ming Dynasty

    Chinese Empire: Ming Dynasty

    The Chinese Empire was large and controlled most of Asia at one point in time. One of the dynasties that ruled the empire was the Ming Family. Ruling from 1368-1644, almost three hundred years, the Ming Dynasty impacted Chinese history very much. The purpose of this paper is to tell

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  • Chinese Festival

    Chinese Festival

    CHINESE NAMES I. FAMILY NAMES 1. In China family names of the Han Chinese (which account for about 92% of the total population of the country) are before given names. 2. At present there are about 3,000 family names for the Han Chinese, of which 300 are the most common.

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  • Chinese Footbinding

    Chinese Footbinding

    Chinese Footbinding The ancient Chinese custom of footbinding caused severe life-long suffering for the Chinese women involved. When researching the subject of footbinding, one of the difficult things is finding factual knowledge written before the 20th century. Most of the historical data has been gathered from writings, drawings and photographs

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  • Chinese History

    Chinese History

    The Tang and Song eras were times of great prosperity in China. Much of the growth was by the advanced developments of agriculture, technology and commercial developments. During the Song era a shift to new farming techniques in southern China brought an increase in population and food supply. Farming moved

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  • Chinese Histry

    Chinese Histry

    *The first medical discoveries in Ancient China began more than 2,000 years ago. These discoveries were found through a search for an elixir of life. The ancient Chinese searched for this potion in order to make their Emperor immortal. Eventually, in their search the ancient Chinese made medical remedies. *The

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  • Chinese Imperialism

    Chinese Imperialism

    Chinese Imperialism The Chinese empire's history of imperialism is a long and action-packed saga that dates back to 221 B.C. While it would be ignorant to imagine that a chronicle of such significance could be explored in its entirety within the confines of a work as brief as this one

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  • Chinese New Year

    Chinese New Year

    Every country has their own holiday system. Different countries have different holidays. There are also some common holidays that people celebrate around the world, such as Christmas and New Year. Different countries have their own definition of the New Year. Therefore, they celebrate their own New Year, not only on

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  • Chinese Philosophies

    Chinese Philosophies

    In China, there were three main philosophies that were spread throughout the region. These three philosophies would be Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism. Each had an impact and influence on how China existed. More specifically, each had an immense impact on the social and political aspects of Chinese society. Each philosophy

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  • Chinese Religious and Ethical Systems

    Chinese Religious and Ethical Systems

    Chinese Religious and Ethical Systems It has often been said that the Chinese are not deeply religious. It is true that they have shown a comparative indifference to metaphysical speculation; Chinese culture was perhaps the first to develop an intellectual skepticism concerning the gods. Confucianism Confucius (Kong Zi) lived from

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  • Chinese Structure

    Chinese Structure

    The Chinese arranged their class system into four different categories they are the scholars, farmers, artisans, and the merchants. The highest rank of the four classes were the scholars. They performed what the Chinese regarded as the most important function: the spread of the ancient heritage and the essence of

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  • Chinese-Middle East Foreign Policy

    Chinese-Middle East Foreign Policy

    Karl Schroeder Policy Update: China-Persian Gulf China's biggest issue in the Middle East is securing the oil and gas that they will need with their continued economic growth. China has attempted to cultivate domestic oil production, but their demand for oil has continued to increase exponentially and it is clear

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  • Chinua Achebe

    Chinua Achebe

    The nineteenth century marked a time where the race to colonize Africa was in full force. Portugal, Belgium, France, and Britain all scrambled to conjure up as much African land as possible. The resources were rich in Africa and with dwindling supply in their own lands, they raced to get

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  • Choctaw Indians

    Choctaw Indians

    The Choctaw Indians The Choctaw Indians is a tribe of Musksgean stock .The Choctaws were once part of a larger tribe that included the Greeks and Seminoles and are considered one of the five civilized tribes (Cherokees , Greeks, Choctaws , Seminoles, and Chickasaws) . At one time Choctaw territory

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  • Chorus of Women

    Chorus of Women

    Nay, never play the brave man, else when you go back home, your own mother won't know you. But, dear friends and allies, first let us lay our burdens down; then, citizens all, hear what I have to say. I have useful counsel to give our city, which deserves it

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  • Christ the Pantokrator

    Christ the Pantokrator

    Christ The Pantokrator Upon walking to the contemporary building, one is awestruck from viewing the drastic change from the antique-like Montrose area houses to a modern museum. This building was an architectural feat intended to imitate an early Byzantine reliquary box. These boxes were containers of sacred objects with a

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  • Christian Crusades

    Christian Crusades

    While the goal of the Christian Crusades was only successful once, it still brought about many changes in the time including an end to feudalism, advancement in warfare, and expansion of trade. The Seljuq Turks began to take over "the Holy Land" in Palestine and this upset Pope Urban II.

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  • Christian Monasticism in Fourth-Century Egypt

    Christian Monasticism in Fourth-Century Egypt

    Christian Monasticism in Fourth-Century Egypt In the study of Christian history, the institution of monasticism seems to present one of the most interesting cases for examination. From its beginnings, other Christians have revered monasticism as a particularly demanding lifestyle, one that is emblematic of the highest level of devotion to

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  • Christian Roman Empire

    Christian Roman Empire

    To be a Christian during the time of the fall of the Roman Empire would not be a pleasant time to live. Christians believed in a higher power and devoted their lives, souls, and minds to God. And by doing this, they inevitably sealed their fate to be persecuted. Christianity

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  • Christianity and Judaism - Similarities and Differences

    Christianity and Judaism - Similarities and Differences

    There are many similarities and differences between Christianity and Judaism, some of the world's most established religions. From the origins, to the ideals, these religions are closely interwoven into each other. Also, there are many major differences between them. As a whole, Christianity and Judaism share many ideals and

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  • Christianity and the Roman World

    Christianity and the Roman World

    Christianity and the Roman World When it came to religion the Roman Empire did not have a problem with the many religions that were being practiced at the time, as long as these religions not threaten public order and morality. At one point the empire thought about combining the gods

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  • Christianity Judaism and Islam

    Christianity Judaism and Islam

    Each of the three religions, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, preach tolerance toward other religions. However, these teachings are not always followed. Each is a peaceful religion, but each has fought wars in the name of their religion or their God. This is an interesting occurrence since each of the religions

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  • Christmas


    "Ross, did you get the tree up? It's been thirty minutes -" You cut yourself off as you enter the living room, eyes landing on your Christmas tree standing tall and bare in front of the large picture window. "Wow, you can actually do something," you joke, causing him

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  • Christmas Stockings

    Christmas Stockings

    The Christmas Stocking "The stockings were hung by the chimney with care In hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there" There was a kindly nobleman whose wife had died of an illness leaving the nobleman and his three daughters in despair. After losing all his money in useless and

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  • Christology


    The Development of ChFinally, the ascension and session of Christ guarantees His rule over all things now until the time when the completion of His victory by the subjugation of His enemies is brought to a close. "For he must reign until he has put all his enemies under his

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  • Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus

    On October 12, 1492, two worlds unknown to each other met for the first time on a small island in the Caribbean Sea. While on a voyage for Spain in search of a direct sea route from Europe to Asia, Christopher Columbus accidentally discovered the Americas. However, in four separate

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