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  • Bin Laden as a Revolutionary

    Bin Laden as a Revolutionary

    Robert Snyder's main argument in "Hating America: Bin Laden as a Civilizational Revolutionary" is that not only is all the literature written about September 11th confusing strategy and tactics but that people fail to look at Bin Laden as a revolutionary. The attacks against the United States on September 11th

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  • Biography of Benjamin Franklin

    Biography of Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston on January 17, 1706. His father, Josiah Franklin, was married twice. Between both of Josiah's marriages, he fathered 17 children. Ben's schooling ended at age ten and at age 12 he became an apprentice to his brother James, a printer who published the New

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  • Biological Determinism

    Biological Determinism

    Culture overrides predisposed genetics in determining gender behavior. The significance of biology is that biology is fixed. Each individual's genetic code is established at conception. If genes were to determine exactly who each person would become, then the individual would have no control over the outcome. However, if culture played

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  • Biomimicry Proposal

    Biomimicry Proposal

    ----------------------- Nature as Mentor Biological science writer Janine Benyus defines biomimicry as the "conscious emulation of life's genius." Resourceful and imaginative by necessity, nature is the consummate engineerÐ'--having already provided elegant, economical solutions to many of the problems we contend with today. Animals, plants, and microbesÐ'-- alone, and in concert

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  • Birth of Coca Cola

    Birth of Coca Cola

    Birth of Coca Cola Being a bookkeeper, Frank Robinson also had excellent penmanship. It was he who first scripted "Coca Cola" into the flowing letters which has become the famous logo of today. The soft drink was first sold to the public at the soda fountain in Jacob's Pharmacy in

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  • Bismarck Was a Past Master in the Diplomatic Arts."

    Bismarck Was a Past Master in the Diplomatic Arts."

    "Bismarck was a past master in the diplomatic arts." W. Carr Otto von Bismarck was a significant figure who put his stamp on his age, as only few have done before him. He remains one of the most important, influential and powerful political character of modern Germany. After victorious wars

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  • Black Code

    Black Code

    Black Codes was a name given to laws passed by southern governments established during the presidency of Andrew Johnson. These laws imposed severe restrictions on freed slaves such as prohibiting their right to vote, forbidding them to sit on juries, limiting their right to testify against white men, carrying weapons

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  • Black Death

    Black Death

    Black Death The people at the Messina Harbor , a port in Northeast Sicily , stood and watched as a Genoese fleet made its way to dock..(Gottfried 141-144). The people standing ashore could by no means conceive of the horror found on board of these ships. The crew had a

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  • Black Death

    Black Death

    Page 1 In the later part of the middle ages, an epidemic was unleashed upon society. Killing almost half of the population, the black death not only changed, or ended the lives of everybody in its path, it also left a dark cloud lingering over humanity for decades after. At

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  • Black Death

    Black Death

    Historically the Black Death, also referred to as the Bubonic plague, is disputably recognized as the most devastating disease to affect the human race. During the outbreak of the Black Death approximately 75 million people (nearly one third of Europe’s population at the time) were killed. The disease is said

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  • Black Death and Jews

    Black Death and Jews

    Black Death and Jews There have been plagues throughout recorded history, but none were of the magnitude nor had the far reaching effects as the Black Death. The Black Death was the most severe epidemic in human history that affected Europe from 1348 to 1351, and returned again from 1361

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  • Black Death: Bubonic Plague

    Black Death: Bubonic Plague

    Black Death: Bubonic Plague There is no doubt that this disease was deadly. Deadly and gruesome to watch. The death rate was 90% for those exposed to the bacterium. It was transmitted by the fleas from infected Old English black rats. The symptoms were clear: swollen lymph nodes (buboes, hence

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  • Black Elk Speaks

    Black Elk Speaks

    Jordan Bauer Black Elk Speaks Report History of the Black Hills Dr. David Wolff September 30, 2005 There are many reasons that I believe the Black Hills were significant to the Lakota. It was there home, it was their primary source of food, they worshipped the animals that lived here,

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  • Black Holocaust

    Black Holocaust

    "Black Holocaust for Beginners Ð''Death Ships'" By Anderson S. Black Holocaust for Beginners "Death Ships", is a realistic, and trapping article about the slave trade. Instead of the former stories on slavery and giving it a general description telling reader how slavery is bad and slavery is immoral, this article

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  • Black Incarcerated Males

    Black Incarcerated Males

    Black Incarcerated Males For the past two decades, the criminal justice system in the United States has been undergoing a tremendous expansion. There are now more than one million black men in jail and that one out of every four black males will go on prison in there lifetime. Knowing

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  • Black like Me - John H. Griffin

    Black like Me - John H. Griffin

    Black like me - John H. Griffin Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin John Howard Griffin is a journalist and a specialist on race issues. After publication of his book, he became a leading advocate in the Civil Rights Movement and did much to promote awareness of the racial

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  • Black Lives Matter

    Black Lives Matter

    Christian Ruka Final exam for Prejudice and Discrimination Please answer the following questions using the elements of critical thinking. Please answer the question completely, but be concise. Please keep the total length of the exam under 4 pages. Longer responses do not always mean better responses. This exam is open

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  • Black Panther

    Black Panther

    The Lowndes County Freedom Organization (LCDO) was established by Stokely Carmichael Alabama in 1964. This organization later changed its name to the Black Panther Party. in In October 1966 Bobby Seale and Huey Newton formed the Black Panther Party (BPP) in Oakland, California. They named the new organization after the

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  • Black Plauge

    Black Plauge

    Since the reign of Emperor Justinian in 542 A.D., man has one unwelcome organism along for the ride, Yersinia pestis. This is the bacterium more commonly know as the Black Death, the plague. Plague is divided into three biotypes, each associated with one of three major pandemics occurring in history.

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  • Black Power, a Basic Understanding by Walter Rodney

    Black Power, a Basic Understanding by Walter Rodney

    “Black Power, A Basic Understanding” by Walter Rodney “Black Power, A Basic Understanding”, black isn’t as basic as Walter Rodney states it. This chapter is very interesting in which it describe the state at which blacks, non white, are also known as colored people and are powerless due to the

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  • Black Southenrner

    Black Southenrner

    Black Southerners Over the years most of us have read a great deal about the institution of slavery and it's effects on this country and the African American race as a whole. The fact of the matter is most of us have only learned certain information about slavery. There are

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  • Black Sox Trial

    Black Sox Trial

    The Black Sox Trial Ð'- 1921 The Black Sox scandal was a baseball betting scheme involving a group of baseball players and gamblers which led to the Chicago White Sox intentionally losing in the 1919 World Series. As a result this scandal led to the banning of eight players from

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  • Blackbeard


    BLACKBEARD The most known pirate of the Caribbean. Blackbeard the pirate is one person that most children could tell you who is. There have been many children stories, games, and movies based on the events of this man. I believe that he should be included in your exhibit so visitors

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  • Blacks Rights

    Blacks Rights

    During the year of 1865, after the North's victory in the Civil War, the Republican Party began to pass national legislation in order to secure free blacks' rights. Through the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the constitution, the republicans tried to protect and establish black freedoms. At the same

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  • Blase Faire

    Blase Faire

    a) Georg Simmel describes the “blasÐ"© attitude” as being the constant stimulation and loss of stability that can result in a state in which one is no longer capable of reacting to the shock of new stimuli. This leads to the development of a cool and distant way of merely

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  • Blind Spot Enlargement in Non-Athletes

    Blind Spot Enlargement in Non-Athletes

    Abstract Everyone has a blind spot in the visual field caused by an absence of nerves on the retinal wall where the nerve ganglia enter. Our brains "correct" this blind spot by filling-in the missing information so that we do not notice the blind spot in normal, daily activity. There

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  • Blindspots


    The mighty Roman empire is one of the most valuable models of human civilization. The richness and value that contemporary cultures hold would never be the same if it weren't for the people of Rome. They have provided us with the basic building blocks of several aspects of life and

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  • Blitz Coursework

    Blitz Coursework

    GARY HOLMES The civil service was formed to try to stop enemy planes from bombing London and vital factories which was constructing artillery. This did not always work as areas were bombed but the success was substantial, and contributed to the victory of the allies. The articles Ð''danger over Dagenham',

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  • Bloom Taxonomy

    Bloom Taxonomy

    Benjamin Bloom, was born in Lansford, Penn., and received a B.A. from Pennsylvania State University in 1935 and an M.S. from Pennsylvania State, also in 1935. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 1942. In 1948, he and a group of colleagues with the American Psychological Association

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  • Blue Lotus and Egypt

    Blue Lotus and Egypt

    The lotus flower materialized in legends instigating from ancient Egypt. It portrayed a significant part in ancient Egyptian religion (W.H. Goodyear 1891). In Egypt, there were two original species of lotus, there grew the white lotus, Nymphaea lotus, and there grew the blue lotus, Nymphaea cerulea. There was a third

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