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  • The Benefits of the Middle Ages

    The Benefits of the Middle Ages

    It is commonly believed that the Middle Ages were merely a period of no change or advancement that bridged the fall of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Renaissance. However, the theme of the excerpt from James M. Powell's The Civilization of the West is that, contrary to

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  • The Berlin Wall

    The Berlin Wall

    The Berlin Wall/Bennett 01-25-05 Throughout the history of the World, there are many great facts, and things to learn. There is an abundance of information out there not only about our country but about the rest of the world also. After researching the Berlin Wall, I was quite interested, and

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  • The Best and the Brightest

    The Best and the Brightest

    THE BEST AND THE BRIGHTEST The book I have chosen to review in this prÐ"©cis is David Halberstam’s, The Best and The Brightest. In this book this Pulitzer Prize winning journalist/author explains how this country got itself into the most controversial conflict in U.S. history, Vietnam. Prior to reading this

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  • The Bhagavad Gita

    The Bhagavad Gita

    The Bhagavad Gita as translated by Juan Mascaro is a poem based on ancient Sanskrit literature contained in eighteen chapters. The period of time, around which it was written, although it is merely an educated guess, was approximately 500 BCE. "Ð'...there are a few archaic words and expressions, some of

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  • The Birth of a Nation

    The Birth of a Nation

    The Birth of a Nation Thick cloud had pressed down on Tuscaloosa all night, and now it was lingering into the morning. Sheriff William Butler was awoken with a knock on his door much like he was awoken on a morning just like this 5 years ago with the sound

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  • The Bismark, Pride of the Germans During Wwii

    The Bismark, Pride of the Germans During Wwii

    The German battleship Bismarck is one of the most famous warships of the Second World War. Named after the 19th century German chancellor Otto von Bismarck, Bismarck's fame came during the Battle of the Denmark Strait in which the flagship and pride of the British Royal Navy, the battlecruiser HMS

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  • The Black Death

    The Black Death

    The Bubonic Plague, more commonly referred to as the "Black Death," ravaged Europe between the years 1347 and 1350. During this short period, 25 million people, one third of Europe's population at the time, were killed. Thousands of people died each week and dead bodies littered the streets. Once a

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  • The Black Death

    The Black Death

    Megan Alderson IDS Ð'- Final Dr. Lynn Raley Date The Black Death Considered one of the worst natural disasters in world history, the Black Death came through Europe in 1347 A.D. It ravaged cities and town, causing a death to the masses, and no one was considered safe. The Plague

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  • The Black Death

    The Black Death

    What was the Black Death, and what was its impact on European society? The Black Death was a bacterium which was carried by flea infested rats. This disaster spread across Europe quite rapidly. Much accusation for the cause of the plague was pressed onto the Jewish community. The most common

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  • The Black Death

    The Black Death

    Following the fall of The Roman Empire population was at an all time low. Around the early fourteenth century there was a steady increase in the population. The economy was also showing signs of success. As farmers improved expertise, there was an overall improvement in the manner people produce and

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  • The Black Death

    The Black Death

    The Black Death came in three forms, the bubonic, pneumonic, and septicemic. Each different form of plague killed people in a vicious way. All forms were caused by a bacterium called Yersinia pestis. The bubonic plague was the most commonly seen form of the Black Death. The mortality rate was

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  • The Black Death

    The Black Death

    The Black Death The Black Death is one of the most lethal disease out breaks in history. The Black Death's widespread terror accounted for nearly one third of the deaths in Europe. The plague brought about a great depression that was felt throughout Europe. The Great Plague brought out the

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  • The Black Death: Nature's Way of Saying We Are Doing It Wrong

    The Black Death: Nature's Way of Saying We Are Doing It Wrong

    The Black Death: Nature’s Way of Saying We Are Doing It Wrong Throughout the known world, the human race has been inhabited by disease. For centuries, groups of people have struggled to adapt and create balances between themselves and diseases. Disease not only affects the populations of large areas, but

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  • The Black Panthers

    The Black Panthers

    The Black Panthers [also known as] (The Black Panther Party for Self Defense) was a Black Nationalist organization in the United States that formed in the late 1960s and became nationally renowned. (Wikipedia:The Free Encyclopedia, 1997). The Black Panther Party was founded in 1966 by party members Huey P. Newton

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  • The Black Plague in Florence 1348

    The Black Plague in Florence 1348

    The Black Plague in Florence 1348 Western Civilization & the World 1 An Essay Page 1. I am a lawyer living in Florence. The year is 1348. I am writing this chronicle for my friend, Marchione di Coppo Stefani, as a strange and mysterious plague of unprecedented proportion leaves many

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  • The Bloody Shirt Elects Grant

    The Bloody Shirt Elects Grant

    The Bloody Shirt Elects Grant Ð'* People still believe that a good general would make a good preseident. 1. Republicans elect Grant as president. A. Call for reconstruction of the south 2. Democrats A. Denounce military reconstruction. 3. Wealthy eastern delegates want bond issue during war be redeem in gold

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  • The Bluetooth

    The Bluetooth

    Bluetooth is the most talked about and fastest growing wireless technology developing today. Bluetooth is being use in various parts of life everyday. Although Bluetooth is growing fast it also has its flaws. I will be discussing the purpose, use, strength, and weakness of Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth SIG is

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  • The Bolshevik Revolution

    The Bolshevik Revolution

    The Bolshevik Revolution My topic for the three page report was about the Bolshevik Revolution. They were a Russian party that wanted to overthrow the Russian provisional government that was ruled by Alexander Kerensky in the early 1900's. I am going to tell you about all of the events that

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  • The Book of Deuteronomy

    The Book of Deuteronomy

    Precis #1 Andrea/Overfield, "Establishing a Covenant with a Chosen People" Moses, "THE BOOK OF DEUTERONOMY" "THE BOOK OF DEUTERONOMY" is written when Moses was leading the Israelites out of Egypt, where they were slaves, and into the new "Promised Land", (between 1279-1213 B.C.E). The Israelites had just spent many years

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  • The Boston Massacre Trials

    The Boston Massacre Trials

    In the years leading up to the American Revolution, the British sought to establish firm control over their American colonies. In the British view, the colonies had prospered because British troops had protected Americans from the French, Spanish, and Indians. The king's chief minister proclaimed in Parliament in 1763: "Great

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  • The Boxer Rebellion

    The Boxer Rebellion

    Throughout the nineteenth century China's emperors watched as foreign powers began to encroach closer and closer upon their land. Time after time, China was forced to make embarrassing concessions. Foreign militaries more modernly armed would constantly defeat the imperial armies. As the dawn of a new century was about to

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  • The Branches of the Government

    The Branches of the Government

    The Branches of Government Our forefathers divided the government into three separate branches was because they planned to implement a democratic government that would work to serve the citizens and not regulate them. In other words, the forefathers wanted to devise an organization where no single individual or assembly would

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  • The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan

    The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan

    Introduction The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) was a program that trained aircrew of more than 130,000 men to supply the allies during conflicts in the Second World War. Even though most of the training for the BCATP transpired on Canadian soil, the controlling mandate was the Royal Air

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  • The British Planters Around the Caribbean

    The British Planters Around the Caribbean

    Introduction The researcher has decided to undertake this subject/topic what problems caused the failure of sugar in the British Caribbean between 1838- 1876? Because she feels as if it's more interesting to her studies and information can easily be collected. Knowing a little as she knows on this topic, the

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  • The Bubonic Plague

    The Bubonic Plague

    It is the year of Our Lord 1346, and trade is abundant in the wealthy ports of Europe. Merchant ships sail between Italy and the Orient on a regular basis, exchanging goods and glory, prosperity and ... plague? What foul disease could disturb the general peace of the known world?

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  • The Bubonic Plague in Europe

    The Bubonic Plague in Europe

    The Black Death in Europe 1 Abstract The Black Death in Europe was one of the continents worth natural disasters. The bubonic plague wiped out nearly 60% of the population, causing changes that took many years to recover. The effects of art are astonishing. Every person and social class were

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  • The Butcher's Tale

    The Butcher's Tale

    The Butcher's Tale The thesis of this book is the matter of bigotry engrained in a society that turns into mass hysteria directed toward the subjects of such bigotry. The author tells the tale of the murder of a child, for whom a Jewish butcher is blamed, and subsequently causes

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  • The Byzantine Empire

    The Byzantine Empire

    Chapter 8 took us all over the mid-east, talking about the different cultures and people, but by far the best off and most impressive group were the Byzantines. While the west half of the old Roman empire was getting pummeled by invading barbarians, the east half was prospering. Not only

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  • The Byzantine Period

    The Byzantine Period

    European history is heralded with transformations that may be termed as radical ones. This is because there are occurrences in Europe that had drastically transformed the lives of people in relatively quick time. Around the 1500s, this is something that was demonstrated through the warring forces. These forces were to

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  • The Canadian Confederation

    The Canadian Confederation

    The Canadian Confederation The Charlottetown Conference September 1-9, 1864 In the spring of 1864, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island were contemplating the possibility of Maritime Union. Resolutions had been passed in their legislatures to appoint delegates to a conference on the matter, but no further plans were

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