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The Berlin Wall

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The Berlin Wall/Bennett 01-25-05

Throughout the history of the World, there are many great facts, and things to learn. There is an abundance of information out there not only about our country but about the rest of the world also. After researching the Berlin Wall, I was quite interested, and did not realize what I was missing out on about the past history of our world. I am going to share all that I learned about the Berlin Wall, and how it made a difference in our past and future times.

The Berlin Wall was built on the night between 12th and 13th August 1961. Everyone always asks why the Berlin Wall was built and what did it stand for. In 1945, following World War II, Germany was divided into two countries - East Germany and West Germany. East Germany was controlled by the communist regime of the Soviet Union while West Germany became a democracy supported by the United States. Berlin, the former capital city, although entirely within East German borders, was also split into two. On August 13, 1961, the German Democratic Republic (GDR) decided to block off East Berlin and West Berlin by means of a barbed wire. Streets were torn up, and barricades erected. Rail lines and the subway between East and West Berlin was torn up.

People of East Berlin and the GDR were no longer allowed to enter West Berlin disrupting 60,000 commuters who were employed in West Berlin. Within the year, construction work began to build a solid wall separating the two cities. The German Democratic Republic along with 60,000 commuters, under the leadership of Erich Honecker. The Berlin Wall fell down on November 9th, 1989. In my opinion, the Berlin Wall was built simply because; Germany was controlled by Communist Regime, and by the Soviet Union. Those two groups are not going to get along, and that is why I believe they were split up.

Since I learned to read music, and play it well, it has been a large part of my life. I learned that just playing the note on the page perfect is not music. To play music well, you have to feel it in your body, spirit, mind, and soul. The music that has been picked out this year, in my opinion, is the best music I have ever played. My favorite is 2nd Dawning, and not just because I have to write about it, but it really is. My reason being is that, it is so emotional. When I compare the Berlin Wall with this piece of music, at the very beginning of the piece up to 123, I think of World War II, and I can just see all of the men out there fighting for our rights, and what they believe in. Starting at 123 up to 147, I see peace between Germany, but yet, there really has never been any peace between



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