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  • Ras the Exorter

    Ras the Exorter

    Ras the Exhorter enters the novel with Tod Clifton in Chapter 17 but survives Tod's death to become the most dominant figure in the book's closing chapters. Ras the Exhorter, who becomes Ras the Destroyer during the final race riot, is a black nationalist who has organized the Harlem community

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  • Rasin in the Sun

    Rasin in the Sun

    Raisins, nature's candy, are from by drying grapes. The play depicts the feelings and thoughts of the people 50's and 60's. Their feelings are different from what we see today in our lives. The Younger family had to deal with poverty and racism. Not having enough money and always being

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  • Rats Vs. Cockroaches

    Rats Vs. Cockroaches

    Rats vs. Cockroaches The common rat or Rattus colletti and the giant cockroach or Blaberus gigantous have plagued the man since the dawn of time. With their ability to freak out even the bravest champions of our society they have become a serious problem to human society, but what would

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  • Raymond Carver's Cathedral

    Raymond Carver's Cathedral

    As with many short stories, Raymond Carver's "Cathedral" only has a few pages to develop his main character and create a scenario he or she must learn from or achieve something from or change because of. In such a short amount of space, word choice is integral in constructing

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  • Raymond Carver's Cathedral

    Raymond Carver's Cathedral

    An Analysis of Cathedral Raymond Carver's "Cathedral" appears to be a simple visit between a man's wife and her long time friend Robert, but Carver is essentially creating a newly established friendship between Robert and Bub to show stereotypes and barriers can be broken. Carver's portrayal of Bub as

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  • Reaching for the Sky

    Reaching for the Sky

    Reaching for the Sky As a young adult, I always had a fear of interviews. Although I can handle a one on one conversation, it was the anxiety associated with interviews that typically rattled my nerves. For many years prior to interviews, my stress level would become so high that

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  • Reaction Paper

    Reaction Paper

    Lisa Hunt Ms. Capple Literature 215 29 January 2006 Reaction Paper In the two non-fiction stories, "Graduation." By Maya Angelou and "Talk of the Town. September 11, 2001." By John Updike, my reaction to both of these stories is that at some point in my like , I could

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  • Reaction Paper!

    Reaction Paper!

    Advertising is a field in which many young people become involved in once they are out of college. It is a field of work that is always changing and new skills become necessary for all different reasons. Advertising is a very appealing area of work for young adults. This is

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  • Reaction Paper: Stickeen by John Muir

    Reaction Paper: Stickeen by John Muir

    "Stickeen", by John Muir, The Best American Essays of the Century. "Stickeen", by John Muir is an essay recounting the author's experience exploring the Alaskan terrain in 1880. It also recounts his fascination with his four-legged companion, Stickeen - who serves as somewhat of a guide. In the essay, the

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  • Reaction to Othello by By Julius Lester

    Reaction to Othello by By Julius Lester

    The novel Othello by Julious Lester is one of the most interesting love stories I have ever read. Iago the greatest villain of all times plays with the red handkerchief to ruin and sometimes determine love for people. Othello loves his red handkerchief and gives it to Desdemona to have

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  • Read a Book Everyday

    Read a Book Everyday

    Just fifteen minutes a day of independent reading can expose you to 1,000,000 words of text each year. In my opinion, I think everyone should read books independently. There are many benefits that come from reading. First of all, reading makes you more knowledgeable. Secondly, reading also helps to keep

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  • Readers Response

    Readers Response

    The Zoo Story Throughout history we have perceived the "American Dream" to be that place where life is better and there is an abundance of opportunities for success. An individual who wants to accomplish the "American Dream" is someone who strives for money, love, success, happiness, and/or health. Although we

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  • Reading Between the Lines

    Reading Between the Lines

    Reading Between the Lines Many times people take books for granted. They'll sometimes prefer to watch a show on television or a movie than to pick up a book and read it. Simply, all because it is easier and faster to get trough with a movie than with a television

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  • Reading Comprehension

    Reading Comprehension

    READING COMPREHENSION This test measures your ability to understand what you read. You may be asked to:  identify the relationship between sentences  distinguish between the main and secondary ideas  make inferences DIRECTIONS: Read the statement or passage and then choose the best answer to the question. Answer

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  • Real Life

    Real Life

    Real Life 101 Everyone in high school anticipates the last day of their senior year. The day when high school is over and "real life" begins. I felt this day was the day I could be on my own. Get a full time job to support myself. Have no

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  • Real Nature of Imperialism

    Real Nature of Imperialism

    Personally Orwell viewed imperialism as an evil thing and was all for the Burmans against their British oppressors. And one day he experienced the real nature of imperialism. A police sub-inspector informed him that an elephant was ravaging a bazaar. It was a tame one that had gone “musth” (Hindi

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  • Realisations of Direct Object

    Realisations of Direct Object

    In this essay I would like to focus on the possible realisations of a direct object. At the beginning I will try to explain what an object is. I want to make clear difference between direct and indirect objects and I will also write about some other clausal elements which

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  • Realism


    Often times in literature the style of realism is used. When realism is used it focuses on characters instead of setting and plot. Characterization in this manner can make the characters vivid and realistic to the reader. One character that was portrayed realistically to me was Sayuri from Memoirs

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  • Realism in Pride and Prejudice

    Realism in Pride and Prejudice

    Discuss the features that make a novel you have studied this year seem realistic and explain why realism is appropriate to the main themes of the novel. Sara Perley Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is a complex novel mixing romance with comedy with an unprecedented quality of realism. Austen's

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  • Realistic Emotions in Kansas

    Realistic Emotions in Kansas

    Realistic Emotions in "Kansas" People experience many emotions throughout their everyday lives. No matter where we come from, or who we are, we all experience the same basic feelings of human emotion that carry us along the ups and downs of everyday life. It is safe to say that most

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  • Reality or Illusion

    Reality or Illusion

    In Andrew and Larry Wachowski's 1999 film, The Matrix, and Plato's Republic, "On Shadows and Realities,?reality and illusion are one in the same. The Wachowski brothers allows the viewer to see how reality and illusion can be mistaken for the other, using a number of contrasting ideas found in

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  • Rear Window Creative

    Rear Window Creative

    My contemporary literary piece, that of a lonely heart, is based loosely off Alfred Hitchcock’s Oscar Nominated film, Rear Window. In Hitchcock’s film, he follows the reoccurring themes of voyeurism, modern marriage, detachment, morality and loneliness. He wields these themes to tap into society’s morbid curiosity about the lives of

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  • Reasons for College

    Reasons for College

    A college education and degree can open up many doors in a person's life and career choices. In a person's life there are many important factors, a college degree is one of them. There are many reasons why a person should attend college. College is a big learning experience for

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  • Reasons Why the Misfit Committed Murder

    Reasons Why the Misfit Committed Murder

    Reasons why the misfit committed murder Callie Haapala Period 1 C 3 reasons why Misfit committed murder * 1. Papers claiming he murdered his father, even though he didn’t remember and of it * 2. He can’t make his punishment fit with all the things he has gotten done wrong

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  • Rebecca


    The second Mrs. de Winter narrarates the story in the form of a flashback. In her younger years, she served as a companion to as woman named Mrs. Van Hopper. During her stay at Monte Carlo, Mrs. Van Hopper introduces there narrarator to Maxim de Winter. At tea, he seems

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  • Rebellion


    The high-fashion: Paris, the capital of fashion. Paris is the best capital of fashion, is it not? Yes! Since Louis XIV, it was Paris that decided the tendencies, colors and models for the spring-summer and fall-winter seasons. In March and in October, Paris is the center of the universe of

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  • Reconstruction and Development Programme

    Reconstruction and Development Programme

    Failed Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) housing projects are under housing rectification programme 30 Jul 2009 The Daily Dispatch investigation into the alleged Eastern Cape housing delivery revealed many “failures” it discovered during its two months investigation in to the housing delivery in the province. While this can be applauded

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  • Recovering Identity Through Myth, History and Place

    Recovering Identity Through Myth, History and Place

    Recovering Identity Through Myth, History and Place Myth and history are necessary in explaining the world, and can be depended upon for guidance with one as reliable as the other. The idea of place, with its inherent myth and history, is an important factor in one's identity because place shapes

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  • Red Badge of Courage

    Red Badge of Courage

    The effects that the physical environment, (nature) have on the main character, throughout any novel are so great. No one seems to notice the little details that slowly, yet gradually show, a main character's struggle, and the ironic role that nature plays in effecting their actions. Environment is always used

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  • Red Badge of Courage

    Red Badge of Courage

    Death, Blood and Destruction The Red Badge of Courage, a Civil War novel by Stephen Crane, may be examined on various levels. One of those levels is a story about the cruelty and disasters of war. Young Henry Flemming, the protagonist, has dreamed his whole life of being in the

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