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What Should Sephora’s Marketing Objectives Be for 2011?

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1. What should Sephora’s marketing objectives be for 2011?

Sephora should continue to engage with their customers online to build relationships in order to create more loyal clients. Since their target market is “younger, hipper customers” between the ages of 25 to 35, they should think about the women who grew up with the internet. These customers not only want a store which offers their favorite beauty products at their convenience, but a store that also provides an experience for them. These consumers will be online reviewing, sharing photos, writing blogs, and even creating vlogs about products.

2. What should Sephora’s marketing budget be for 2011?

The company’s media spending is broken down into three categories on Exhibit 5, page 16 as:

• 20% Beauty Insider (emails, gifts, events)

• 35% Online (search, affiliates, social media)

• 45% Retail (print, catalogs, store animations)

Sephora should change up their spending to:

• 45% Online

• 25% Beauty Insider

• 30% Retail

They should allocate $2 million to their total social media budget. Sephora should also consider allocating $1 million towards Jennifer Aniston’s new perfume launch. The company should consider hiring a SEO specialist to better optimize their media sources. Sephora should be striving to become the Apple of the cosmetic industry.

3. How should Sephora’s 2011 social media, video, and mobile budget be allocated? Why?

$2 million overall social media, video, and mobile budget

Budget Category Description/Programs 2011 Budget Allocation

Video Production Gain exposure $350,000

Video/YouTube Advertising 100 videos, over 3 million views $100,000

Video Content How-To videos $300,000

Facebook Development Communicating with clients $100,000

Holiday/Viral Promotions Sephora Claus, VIB $150,000

Social Partnerships Social media, Beauty


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