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"the Blue Planet" Summary Essay

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Essay Preview: "the Blue Planet" Summary Essay

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The main theme of the documentary “ The Blue Planet” was basically survival of the animals of the ocean. In the film they showed all the different environments and how these animals live in them. They showed what the animals eat and how they live and survive in their habitat. The film was separated in to seven different videos. Each video was about a different ocean environment. The ocean world, the arctic, the open ocean, the deep ocean, the coral reefs, the tides, and the coasts.

A portion of the video was about how the animals in the deep ocean have certain features that help them survive in their environment. For instance, the angler fish uses it bioluminescent antenna thing to attract pray. As soon as its prey gets close enough the angler fish attracts. If the angler fish wasn't in his deep dark ocean environment his tactic would not work. This is true because his bioluminescent antenna would not have been noticeable in a more lighted environment and the rest of his body would have been visible therefore the pray would have noticed the threat and swam away.

In another part of the film the marine biologist show and talk about how certain animal sin the arctic survive year round and especially the winter time. For instance, the leopard seal stays under water during the entire winter season because the water is actually warmer then the surface. The chin strap penguins gather ever year to breed in place, an active volcano. Sometimes whales get trapped by the ice and only have one area where they can breath. This is a good opportunity for a polar bear to grab a bit to eat. The Emperor penguin bares a long treacherous winter. The females go off and gather food all winter while the males stay and keep the eggs warm.

In the part of the film about the open ocean, they showed what some animals eating habits were. For instance, the fin whale can obtain a massive amount fish in one gulp by extending its bottom jaw so it looks like a balloon. It then empties all the excess water through its pours on the sides of its mouth. The sail fish has a different tactic. The sail fish heard the smaller fish into a closer group and then charges with its immaculate speed at the group with its mouth open hoping to catch a bite.

This documentary definitely open my eyes a little more to what other things there are to learn about the world and just how big and precise it really is. Watching the section Deep Ocean



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