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"photography Helps People to See." Berenice Abbot

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Essay Preview: "photography Helps People to See." Berenice Abbot

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Photography is an amazing form of art. I agree with Berenice Abbot who says that ''(it) helps people to see". But to see what?

In my opinion one of the answers is "truth". It is well known that human being is prone to lying and hiding the verity. It is our nature. But a simple camera sometimes can become a really magic object that reveals the truth. People's eyes can hardly see all true emotions and expressions that appears on our faces, but only one click on the button of your camera and - voila - here is the hidden anger, fear or scorn.

But, on the other hand, it also helps to see the beauty. In spite of the fact that photo is a captured moment it can tell us the whole story. The longer we look at the photo-picture, the more we find out something new, we start to see more details, which open the doors of understanding all senses, moods, ideas, recorded in the picture. Sometimes our real life is so busy, that we stop to notice all amazing things, which surround us. Some memorable moments can be missed because of many different reasons. Fortunately, photo camera solves this problem. With this tool we can freeze time, and then we will be able to enjoy it whenever we want.

I strongly believe that photography is an important form of art, which gives a chance to see a lot of things, such as truth, beauty, sense. But I'm sure that it also teaches people to think, to feel, to inspire, to understand and to appreciate ordinary things.



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