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"a & P" by John Updike

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Essay Preview: "a & P" by John Updike

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1. It does say in the story that the beach is five miles away, so I'm assuming that the community is very relaxed and laid back especially in the summer. The women are respectful and considerate towards others, "...the women generally put on a shirt or shorts... before they get out of the car into the street." Some families are large, "...women with six children..." which tells me that the people that live I this town are family oriented and like children. This town seems like an average suburban town, like most town are in Boston. This community resembles my town very much. Since I live off a Main street, I'm right in the middle of town, two blocks down there is a bank, and across the street from my house there is a church. I think most small, suburban towns are very similar.

2. I don't think Sammy is a "male chauvinist pig." He is a 19 year old boy who works in a boring supper market with not much action or too much to do. Because of the age he is, if he sees a pretty girl especially in a bathing suit walking around his store, it's going to get his attention. He is being a little mean towards one of her friends by calling her a "chunky kid" or "the fat one with the tan..." But he didn't know their names so he was nick naming them based on what color swim suits they had on, or by their appearance. Everyone does that.... I don't think there is anything wrong with the way he acted or what he thought. Not only that Sammy felt bad at the end that Lengel made his "Queenie" blush and tried to embarrass her, "...remembering how he made that pretty girl blush makes me so scrunchy inside..." I think she was right to go into the store without clothes on. She was only getting one item not doing a lengthy food shopping.

6. I like the resignation that got published better that what it originally was supposed to be. The writer explained that after Sammy quit his job he went outside to find his "Queenie" but she was already gone. There is no need to go further and drag the story on about how he ended up going to the beach to look for the girls, and then the whole story was summed up. By the writer ending it with how Sammy looked back into the window of his job and seeing someone else doing his job is more meaningful, because it gets the reader thinking about choices they made



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