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Your Trusted Friends

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McDonalds wants to be your trusted friend without exactly telling you that at first

because they don't want to seem to pushy. They would rather have their advertisement on

every surface, in any place, an eye could spot it because that's not pushy at all... no of

course not (sarcasm). Some fast food and beverage companies have gone a little to far

with the advertisement and focusing their sales pitches at young, and very impressionable

buyers is the point Schlosser is trying to get across. Advertisement in schools, on busses,

on the roof of schools, on almost every commercial and every billboard, we as children,

teenagers and young adults see. Everything has been taken to a new form of extreme, an

extreme amount of advertisement being shoved down our throats. Walt Disney began to

perfect that before he died but wasn't able to take it to the extremity It's at today. When

McDonalds and Disney teamed up together in what is called synergy a word Walt is

coined for. The term "synergy" is the merging or collaboration of two companies and in

this case it's the "perfect synergy" because both the companies are huge corporations the

have a huge impact on today's generation. The chapter "Your Trusted Friends" is mainly

focused on the way big industries have taken advantage of young minds and how

impressionable they are. Showing how the only real goal is to see howm uch money could

they possibly ring out of this young audience and their parents, and th answer is billions

and if they keep pushing tens of millions.



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