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You See a Monster and I See a Man

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You See a Monster and I See a Man.

Rush Limbaugh known for his aggressive demeanor, could be described as no one other but Grendel from the book Beowulf. His shear, brute mentality portrays a monstrous beast that left-wing, liberals not only aimlessly argue with, but viciously attack. A man that speaks his mind, on a radio show by which is under his name, should be allowed to freely express his opinions to those who wish to hear them. Arrogance and blind judgment morph the truth into a twisted belief created by the lack of self-evaluation and accountability.

Beowulf's men's perception of Grendel has caused them to believe that this "monster" has been the cause of evil and destruction in Herot. Their twisted beliefs of Grendel had been developed through Beowulf's continuous preaching to his men, describing this monster as a "Ruiner of Meadhalls [and] Wrecker of Kings", not allowing that monster to create his own reputation (Gardner). The men of Herot should not pass judgment onto an imaginative beast, when they have not truly seen the destruction Grendel has supposedly caused.

The liberal media's accusation of Rush Limbaugh distorting the truth has risen from their inability to self-evaluate or evaluate those who represent their own newscast. The twisting of words or playful jokes Limbaugh uses to emphasize dramatizations the liberal media has fed the country has caused nothing but a judgmental mindset from others about the man's personal views. In a controversial protest held at Georgetown Law School, Rush Limbaugh expresses his opinion on Sandra Fluke's campaign for the government providing birth control and contraceptives, as an unbelievable attempt to squeeze more money from tax payers in order for this college student to have a loop hole to premarital sex. On his radio show, Limbaugh goes further to say that if the government were to provide this loophole an exchange would need to be set in place, "...if we're going to pay for this then we are going to want something in return...the videos of all this sex posted online for us to see...", this was not meant to be taken literal. Rush's point was to make the same ridiculous request she was making. The liberal media ran with his exaggeration, and made him out to be a " prostitute" (TheRantingLiberal, YouTube).



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