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Yeah Right

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Rey Mysterio may not be tall in stature, but he now has a "Big Time" WrestleMania moment that is one for the ages.

With all Randy Orton's talk of destiny, it was the Wrestling Machine Kurt Angle who seemed destined to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. He put on a clinic, hitting a jaw-dropping German suplex to both Orton and Mysterio that sent Mysterio flying clear across the ring. He made both Orton and Mysterio tap to a grapevined ankle lock -- only to be foiled each time by a second opponent who could distract the referee and physically detain him. He kicked out of an RKO and a seated senton pinning predicament. And ultimately, he would be desperately trying to reach the ring to break up a match-ending, championship-winning pin that didn't directly involve him.

Instead, it was the desire and unique athleticism of Rey Mysterio that propelled him to a historic victory -- one that was for both him and the late, great Eddie Guerrero.

After Angle hit Orton with an Angle Slam, he attempted to do the same to Mysterio. But Rey reversed it into an innovative arm drag that slingshot the champion wildly to the outside. Mysterio followed with a 619 to Orton and a West Cost Pop hurricanrana pin that earned the three-count. Mysterio held the World Heavyweight Championship high while he was greeted by Chavo and Vickie Guerrero at the top of the entrance ramp. It's something many said Mysterio could never do. But Rey Mysterio is the World Heavyweight Champion.



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