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Unfortunately, Americans today are obsessed with losing weight. Everybody wants to be thin! Everywhere I go, there's someone counting calories, cutting "carbs", and running themselves to death on a treadmill. Dieting can be beneficial, when done properly and with discussion with a doctor. Sadly, some people fall into these bad habits when the desperation to lose weight has become tremendous.

Everyone wants to lose way quickly and more importantly very easily. Therefore, any fad diet will become the new obsession of the fad dieter. This person will eat grapefruit for a week, and when her stomach can't take it anymore; she'll try a brand new, state-of-the-art, magic pill that will enable her body to shed ten pounds overnight. Even though the magic pill does not produce the desired weight loss, he or she never gives up hope. Once again, this dieter is lured by advertisements of instant spot reduction-liposuction. She crosses over the safety line into a danger zone of unknown procedures, performed by unqualified physicians. Some dieters lose their lives in the search for a beautiful body. The stomach staple is another dieting tool that dieters try. The staple yields a large weight loss, but the dieter endangers her health because of excess loss of body fluids. The "fad dieter" is always listening for the newest cure on the dieting market.

A wedding or a prom is a common reason for a someone to decide to take off those few, unwanted pounds; however, decisions made in haste are hard to keep, and the "procrastinator" soon fails in the attempt. This is the dieter with only fifteen pounds to lose, and, as each year flies by, decides dieting is harder than eating whatever is desired, and much less fun! He or she promises to lose the extra weight for a class reunion, but the weight-loss pledge is not kept. Some women become procrastinators during their pregnancies, and they broadcast to all within hearing distance that they will lose the extra pounds as soon as the baby is born. The procrastinator is a dieter with whom most people are familiar and whose excuses they know. The procrastinators are always starting their diets tomorrow, after one last, scrumptious dinner, their favorite meal of course! The A procrastinator can last through lunch, but by dinner, cannot take her hunger pains any longer. They decide there is always another Monday; furthermore, and eats all week, like a bear preparing for



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