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Yanni Vs, Kitaro

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Yanni vs. Kitaro

No one can deny that music is one of the effective ways of communication. However, music is differing from one culture into another. Jazz, Pop, Classic ...etc are different types of music and musicians used different types of instruments in each one of these types. Moreover, there is one branch of music which I called articulate music. I gave it this name because it expresses their meaning throughout its magnificent melody. Yanni and Kitaro are considered two of the most important musicians on this type of music. That's because both of them have very unique styles and everlasting musical pieces. Although they share this musical greatness, they can be compared in their styles in composing music, attracting people, and the spirit of their music.

Yanni took this entire attention from people because of his exciting keyboard style. His way of composing music and his hand movement in playing music is unbelievable. In addition, Yanni depends on each one of his band at playing his/her part using his/her instrument. Yanni succeeded in attracting people by his relaxing meditative music. People enjoy listening his music and its music took part in many programs such as: advertisements music, news music, Wide World of Sport, and coverage of Olympic Games. Yanni born in Greece so that it affects on his music which is mainly influenced spiritual meditative music.

Kitaro, similar to Yanni, can compose articulate music. But his style is the abstract of the contemplative. His Japanese melodic music style led him to the way of fame. Although Kitaro was considered an underground artist till 1986, he gained people attraction after that by playing different types of solos. Also, his style became more theatrical and self-assured while retaining a certain level of virtue and purity. Unlike Yanni who plays only keyboards instruments like: piano, and organ, Kitaro is professional in playing different sorts of instruments such as: piano, guitar, and also drums. As I mentioned before, his spirit of his music is highly tuneful synthesizer music often related to the new-age movement.

To conclude, both of Yanni and Kitaro are great composers who will be always remembered in music history. Although they are different in many ways and they have different styles, but they have the same weight in music composing. In my opinion, I prefer Yanni more than Kitaro because of



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