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World Religion Report

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World Religion Report

The religion I chose to gather further information in order to gain more knowledge on the subject is Hinduism. I currently live in a small town in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Most of the religion practiced in our community is Catholicism, which I practice to. I found a gentleman who is different amongst the community who practices Hinduism. I have conducted a formative interview in order to find the information in which I'm researching. To give a brief outlook into Hinduism, it is a unique religion compare to the thousands of other religions located around the world. The most obvious conception about Hinduism is most people just look at Hinduism just being another religion. Well, the fact is Hinduism is not just a religion practice by many believers but a way of life for them. Most believers also see the Hinduism faith as a law that governs all the actions an individuals does on a daily basis. The research that I have done will amaze all of the religion of Hinduism. I believe that all will not stop at the paper but continue educated yourself on the religion.

On the road of seeking information I wanted to view a site of which Hinduism is practiced. By word of mouth and with a little help from the local library I found a location. There is currently only one temple located at this time in New Mexico. The followers of the religion is trying to expand the religion in New Mexico, other temples is in the works. The temple currently residing in New Mexico is called Hanuman Temple The Hanuman Temple is located in the mountains of Taos, New Mexico. The location is about four hours from my home. I decided to drive their on my three day weekend in September. When I first arrived at the temple I was not sure I was in the right place. The temple was described as a place of worship for those who practice the Hinduism religion. Well, I was very shock at the looks at the place it was old and not that pretty. Went I went up to the place the doors were lock so I made a destination to the local library in Taos.

At the library I found a few different pamphlets that let me in on the mystery of the Hanuman Temple. The Hanuman Temple in Taos, New Mexico is operated by western devotees of Neem Karoli Baba. The pictures were quite deceiving from what I saw, but I never got the chance to go in, I only look through the windows. That shows that just because it is not pretty it is still sacred to others. The temple from the pictures I saw in the pamphlet had sculptures and nice rugs laying on the ground with decorative pictures of some kind. The temple seems cherish of the Hindu Religion but as for my own personable experience with temples of my religion their was a big difference. Catholicism temple are beautifully decorated with pane glass and sculptures. Why the difference an individual might ask, I believe Hindus do not care about materialism and focus on the spirituality of the religion.

On September 1, 2007 I conducted an interview with an individual from my own town that practices Hinduism, his name is Ajay Patel. Ajay Patel owns several local business in our small town. Ajay Patel is a kind individual in which we shared a nice lunch while speaking about the religion of Hinduism. At the beginning of the conversation I ask Ajay Patel to explain the significance of the religion. Ajay Patel explained to me that the religion is one of the most ancient religions in world. As young child he grew up in India were he was taught on the a daily basis that the religion was the only way of life (Patel, A., 2007). In every aspect of life there is always a presence of God with us. I explained to Ajay in my religion I believe there was always of presence of God too. We found that Hinduism and Catholicism has some similar beliefs, which was shocking to the both of us. Ajay Patel told me that as a person we are the creator of own life whether there right or wrong we experience positive and negative consequences. I understand his explanation because there is always consequences to whatever we do in life. As we continued eating our lunch we began to talk about the traditions of the Hindu religion.

One perspective of the traditions we spoke about that stood in my head, is that the women must permanently move in the home of the husband and keep a minimal relation with her parents if she is married(Patel, A., 2007). In the religion of Catholicism my parents in particular would not stand for minimal relationship. My mother calls me at least three times a week. As we talked quietly through our lunch Ajay Patel shared many beliefs of Hinduism with me. Some beliefs he explained that were virtual to all Hindus were:

There is only God but broken up into three characters,

Brahma who is the creator, Vishnu who is the preserver, and Shiva the destroyer of all kind(Patel, A., 2007).

The Caste System.

Karma. Which is the law that if you do good or bad it will decide your next life(Patel, A., 2007).

Reincarnation. Reincarnation is the revolution after death in which soul is reincarnated into another life based on the deeds done in your life before(Patel, A., 2007).

Nirvana. This is the main goal of the Hindu believers to achieve. Pretty much this is the circle of life that never ends(Patel, A., 2007).

I ask Ajay Patel How has religion shaped your life? He told me that religion is always a choice but has made him realize the behavior he must follow in order to lead a much more successful life. Without religion I would be lost and find the teachings of Hinduism as guide for me, in order to be a good influence for others in my country. In the United States there are so many bad influences that could get him into trouble, so he continues with meditation to seek what the creator would be pleased with. Ajay Patel stated that religion is always a hard challenge(Patel, A., 2007). An individual must stay faithful, in today's word it is filled with poison fruit and thou shall prosper and be strong. Meditation always seems to keep Mr. Patel on his toes when facing difficulties.

After major time spending in the library and doing a previous paper on the religion I found numerous amount of information about the Hinduism religion. Some people who might be interested in the Hinduism faith might ask themselves what makes up the Hindu religion. Many other religions including Hinduism also points out the paths of love and sacrifice as the way to salvation. As religion itself has taught us we must do good things in order for us to be rewarded. Well, in Hinduism karma is a term to explain the believers



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