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Workplace Motivation

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Workplace Motivation

Being able to stay motivated at work can sometimes be a difficult task whether you like or dislike your job. All employees need to be motivated by their employers to help them perform his or her task in a better way. Scott (2013) stated, "Some employees are money motivated while others find recognition and rewards personally motivating. Motivation levels within the workplace have a direct impact on employee productivity" (para.1). I will focus on how the company I work for motivates its employees and one of the theories of motivation that would make an impact.

Today's managers recognize their employees and all of their hard work being done for the company. "Knowledge of the employees' potential, performances and motivations and the ways in which these can be maintained represents one of the basic activities of the human resources management in an organization" (Patricia & Leonina, pg.2). This gives the employee a boost to work even harder knowing that they are doing a great job, it also shows that the employer cares about their employees becoming more efficient, effective, and productive in their work. The organization that I belong to motivate their employees by providing quality programs, benefits, encouragement to pursue education, and employee incentives. Spencer's incorporation has managed to retain and gain employees that are motivated, happy, and productive. Those individuals that are self-motivated according to Scott (2013) "Incentives and rewards have little effect on employees that are confident in their work" (para.4). These are the individuals that are more likely to be promoted so that they can tackle a different challenge.

When employers make changes to policies that could benefit employees some individuals are willing to make the changes and others may feel that it is unnecessary. Majority of my team has responded well to improving and increasing productivity. As an employee I feel like I now have a voice to bring forth ideas and that my opinions will be valued and appreciated. This gives employees a boost in morale's and motivation which also in the future provide opportunities for advancement. Employees are happier when they can take on leadership roles, be an inspiration, and vision to the management team. The thought of the policies being put into place to motivate employees has made me work harder to try to become assistant manager. The competition challenge between other employees for this position or any position is motivating for anyone.

As a rule some have tried to resist this type of motivation but they do not have a choice. They do not feel that these types of policies or attempts should be put into place because it is considered manipulation. Others feel that change is negative and this only because they are so use to being in one comfort zone. These motivational changes are to help the employees to succeed in their work and possibly be promoted to another position. Personally I feel that the employees that do not want the employers to interact are the ones who are not benefiting the organization. The majority that has welcomed these efforts see this as an opportunity to grow and move forward in their careers. Patricia & Leonina (2013) stated, "We all can do more than we believe and the role of management in every organization is to turn into account the qualities and potential of its employees and to make their weaknesses imperceptible" (pg.2). The individuals that are against these rules or change have to realize that our employers "From a strategic perspective has a vision of efficiency use of human resources" (Patricia & Leonina, pg.2).

The groups that have responded positively to this rule are the employees that want to move forward in their careers and some of the individuals that are in high positions and want to continue to climb the ladder. These are people who enjoy what they do and look forward to working closely with management to provide the best services to the customers. These individuals according to Anthony (2013) "Go beyond salary increases and monetary benefits to find out how to deliver praise that will be most effective" (para.3). People that are this focused managers need to "Recognize and reward those who set positive examples as quickly as possible after noteworthy events, being careful to be sincere" (Anthony, para.3). The ones that are not sure about their career or the individuals that feel like everyone should have to work for the money; for example individuals that have been their for 10 or more years. Anthony (2013) says "While some may value public recognition, others may be highly embarrassed by it and discontinue the behavior to avoid recognition" (para.3). From my experience so far two individuals have already quit and my manager has hired two new people. There is also a younger guy who is on the verge of being fired because he no longer put in the effort to work. At this point employers have to take drastic measures to get the right employees for the organization.

The philosophy of motivation that management use that is consistent is dignity which is something all managers in any organization should obtain. Satell (2012) stated, "Motivated people join an organization in good faith and expect to find meaning in their work,



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