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Woody Allen Presentation

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Chris Wilton is a former tennis pro that hated touring, so he decided to take up a job teaching tennis instead of competing. His new student is a young man named Tom Hewett. Tom comes from a very rich upperclass family, and he invited Chris into it.

Chris falls in love with Tom's sister, Chloe Hewett. Tom's girlfriend at the time is an American wannabe acctress named Nola Rice. Chris becomes increasingly interested in Nola because of her beauty and adventerous lifestyle.

Months go by and Chris gets married to Chloe, and he gets news that Tom had called it off with Nola. Instantly Chris contacts Nola because he is getting bored with Chloe and wants to see Nola. They begin having an affair and it goes on for about a year before Nola starts demanding that Chris calls off his marriage with Chloe and lives with her. Chris is reluctant to call off the marriage with Chloe because he has become very well off as a member of the Hewitt family.

Seeing no way out of the situation Chris murders Nola (and his unborn baby) and Nola's neighbor. He sets it up to look like a robbery. The police find Chris's name is Nola's diary and they question Chris in private.


Chris throws all the jewerly that he stole from Nola's neighbor into the river so that he would have no connection to the murder. The old ladies ring hits the fence protecting the river and bounces back onto the street. The detectives think that they can pin the murders on Chris however a drug dealer dies and he has (found) the old ladies ring.

Chris has a baby with Chloe and lives with her and her family.


The opening scene of the movie really tells the viewer what the movie is going to be about. The opening scene is of a tennis match that our main character Chris is in. And on the last point of the match the ball hits the net, and it bounces straight up. Chris our narrator says something about how its luck that determines if the ball falls back on his side, or if it rolls over to the other side. The movie Match Point has a really huge underlying theme, and that is the theme of luck. Throughout the movie Chris talks about how skill is only half of it, luck plays a huge role in everything that happens,



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