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Wizard of Oz

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The movie “The Wizard of Oz” is acknowledged as a classic story and a film countless people know and love. Regardless of the method used to show the film, many fans continue to be interested. The Myerson Symphony Theater was showing “The Wizard of Oz”, with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra playing the original score along with the movie. This experience allowed patrons to enjoy the film as if it were a live musical. The book “The Wizard of Oz” was written in 1900 and the film adaptation was released in 1939, with Judy Garland as Dorothy. This film has been one of my favorites and I was tremendously excited to see how a live orchestra would change the way I saw the film. In addition to the showing of the film, there was an opportunity to have a meet and greet with two of the original “munchkins”. I particularly found this enjoyable because the theater, not only showed the film, but allowed those who had a first hand account of the filming, share their story. The film is also well known for breaking down many barriers. It intrigued moviegoers because of the transformation of colors from Kansas to the Land of Oz It was the first movie of that time to execute that method of cinematography. Additionally, there were a considerable amount of rumors surrounded the movie. Some believe that in one of the scenes, there is someone hung themselves. However, this rumor has been proved to be false. The most extraordinary thing about this movie is that, anyone from any age group can find this story entertaining. This movie single-handedly can help make everyone become captivated by the arts, once again.

Music is one characteristic that can bond people together without the use of words. “The Wizard of Oz” has always had a spectacular score and very few people have gotten the chance to hear it personally. A Live Orchestra makes a person experience the emotion that each instrument is trying to cohesively portray. I generally associate the usage of brass instruments, depending upon the dynamic it is played in, as a representation of a person’s strength as well as possible hazards approaching. Additionally, the woodwind and string instruments would balance the boisterous sounds of the brass section, which gave a sense of tranquility. There many emotions which are expressed throughout the film and without a score to support it, the



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