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Essay Preview: Wisdom

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Wisdom is a hard concept to grasp especially, in today's society because of the complex issues we are faced with now. Things ranging from war to something like same sex marriages. The way society has shaped up to be makes it harder to determine what's exactly right or wrong. An example of that the confusion we are being faced with is whether or not we should go to war to me or you regular citizens war might not be the best thing for us because all we see is the losses we will be handed. To the government our losses are not important what is important to them power. They want to keep other nations scared of the United States. So we are left with the question of would it be wise to engage in a war? The answer would vary depending on the person you are asking the question to. Through our discussion in class of knowledge, skills and wisdom we came to the conclusion of "knowledge is knowing what", "skills is knowing how" and "wisdom is knowing what and how plus knowing when." I agree fully with that explanation. The key to wisdom is having skills and knowledge but knowing how to use them. Socrates I think believes that but he feels that wisdom also includes the journey. Meaning a key to wisdom is seeking answers and not being satisfied with something that is said to be right but, does not make any sense to you. I also find that to be true.

Wisdom is something that is very hard to judge because something that might be right to someone might not be right to another person. With that being said wisdom can be a confusing issue. The common misconception of wisdom is that old people can only be wise, which in most cases is true but young people also can be wise or act wisely

without even knowing it. For the most part I find it true that the older you get the wiser you become because you are faced with more and more situations on a daily basis. I feel as though experience is the best teacher. Wisdom is something that can be acquired if you want it. My thought of wisdom is knowing what and how plus knowing when. You can always learn how to do something and you always can learn what something is but it then becomes wise when you learn how to but both these together and then learn when to do things and that comes with experience. The best way to gain experience is through practice. That's what Socrates is all about. Going through life and learning as he goes.

Socrates thinks



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