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Windows Vs Linux

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March 5, 2007

POS 420

Raj Kayathi

Week 4 Individual Assignment

Windows Vs Linux

The operating systems known to users as Windows and UNIX have had there battles over time. Some of what they try to show to each customer or user is how they are better than the other. Some of the facts they bring out may be the same as what the other is offering. When they try to explain this concept, each tries to show that theirs is either faster, smarter, and/or easier. The problem that they both come to is how they may be different than one another. What they have, the other may not have and that is where it comes to blow. It is no secret that Windows is the leading competitor when it comes to operating systems, but UNIX will not stop trying to sale its product. I will explain the differences and similarities of the two operating systems.

One of the differences of the two is how they each handle processes. The way UNIX handles processes is with a parent to child process. This means whatever happens to the parent, happens to the child. This good way to track the relationship of files in the UNIX operating system. The processes are known as files. So in other words, if the directory, which created the file, somehow got deleted or erased, that means that the file which was in that certain directory has gotten the same fate. On the contrary with Windows, they do not follow the parent child process. They use something called a combination of threads and handles. Each one has their own distinct job to do. The thread has its own means of identification, and it keeps memory that is important for the user to do what it must. The thread then is assigned to the handle. The handles job is to identify sources so it can be used by the program it is on. The thread is very important and works with the handle, but if something happens to anyone of those two, the other does not share the same fate, as it is with UNIX.

One of the known similarities of UNIX and Windows is that they are both multi-user operating systems. They both can work well with many file systems. Hardware devices are supported with each operating system. When it comes to networking, they both have to



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