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Win Zip

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*** Installation ***

If you received this version of WinZip on a CD-ROM, you can

install it as follows:

Insert the CD-ROM into your drive. The autorun capability

of Windows will start the WinZip 8.1 setup program. If it

does not, select the Run... option of the taskbar Start Menu

and type:


replacing D: with your CD-ROM drive.

If you received this version of WinZip in a self-extracting

Zip file (for example, WINZIP81.EXE), you can install it as


1 Select the Run... option from the Taskbar Start menu

2 Type the full name of the file

(for example, C:DNLOADWINZIP81.EXE)

3 Press the Enter key, and follow the prompts

*** Upgrade Instructions ***

Follow the installation instructions above. You can install

this version of WinZip to the same location as a previously

installed copy of WinZip.

*** Requirements ***

This version of WinZip requires Windows. Some optional

features require external programs. See the documentation

for details.

*** Documentation ***

For full documentation, including context sensitive help,

press the F1 key at any time while running WinZip.

*** Self-Extracting Archives ***

The online evaluation version of WinZip is distributed as a



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