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Why Uncle Sam Represents America

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This picture represents the United States of America best. It displays Uncle Sam, a world famous icon which was invented in the 19th century. It was based upon the meatpacker Samual Wilson. The picture is for me the symbol of America, as it is based upon an earlier British propaganda poster with Lord Kitchener. This also shows the connection America had with its former ruler Britain. American artist were heavily influenced by the British arts, however the Uncle Sam poster from 1917 displays the turning point of the United States of America becoming a world power, and Britain losing its world power. The picture was made to recruit soldiers, which is also a very important aspect of the United States of America. The USA has fought in many different and important wars, especially their role in World War II and Vietnam, and today in Iraq, display the militaristic aspect and power of the United States of America. Most technologies made in the USA are made for militaristic purposes or a derived from military equipment. It's also a display of nationalism. Uncle Sam wears the Stars and Stripes, and the American flag is very important to most Americans as it is their national symbol of America. The picture also displays the individualism of American, as it is directed to you. You, as a single person can make a difference. The American Dream of one person working to achieve success on the social and financial ladder. Uncle Sam is still used and has been parodied a lot throughout the years as it now has become included in pop culture. The art style also displays one of the earlier art styles of America, which is till used nowadays This picture is an embodiment of the United States: it displays it militaristic, nationalistic and artistic style of the United States of America.



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